DC Bear!


Now DC is no longer what will happened to DC Bear?:eek: :ohmy: :confused:


Oh no! Maybe a new nickname–‘Buzzy’ the DC bear?


Hmmm, maybe he can be called Buzzy Bear?


SNAP! Ddoll, we posted that at the same time, lol.

This forum requires that you wait 60 seconds between posts. Please try again in 27 seconds. :pinch: I see we still have this, lol.


Ha! Jinx, daisy!!:happy: We posted the same thing at the same time.


Buzzy bear sounds good!


Now THAT was funny! We did it again. At least there’s a timer for the rule now.


LOL – can you double jinx someone??

(the new timer is cool!)


Yeah, I like the sound of “Buzzy Bear” as well!:happy:

And speaking of the mascot, whoever is getting him afte we return from our cruise on July 15th, please PM me with your address so I can get him out to you as soon as we get home!!:cool:


I believe it’s Wish…you may want to PM her as I don’t think she’s checking in as often as she used to.


Will do! What’s her full DC…oops, sorry…MB username?!:happy:




Thanks Allyson! I’ll send her a PM right now!


I like Buzzy!!! How can I get him for my trip from October 22-26th??


Dana has a thread for DC(Buzzy) Bear I think it’s in mousetrap. It will be at the top as it’s a sticky!


We could get a Buzz Lightyear tee to put on him - that is very Disney like…wait perhaps pixar’s attorneys will start with the pressure too… then yet another change… ha ha ha- (ok so I have not had my coffee yet!)