DC Bear's Book


Here are pictures of his book. There are two pictures for each page of the book.


two more pages…


These are great. DC has had so many fun adventure. I love the backpack shot.


and yet two more…


still more pages…


last two pages…


Cincy -
Thank you for posting those great pictures. I wish I didn’t make the cover of that book in such haste…it looks kinda cheesy…I was rushing to get it to the next person and did it so quickly. Anyway, it was so cool to see all the updates. Thanks.


The cover looks great, I would not touch it. I am sure that somone on here (Jedi, etc) could paint a mural over it, but I liked it just the way it was.


This is too cute!!! I didn’t even know DC had a book! What a great idea. He looks so good in his Disney touring gear. :mickey: And everyone’s scrapbooking looks great!


I can’t believe how much work you put into that DC scrapbook. Great job Cincy…


WOW! So awesome!!! Thank you for taking the time to make that book, it’s such a great memory keepsake :happy:


This makes me feel like we are family


Thanks for the pictures–and the reminder that I need to send my pictures to someone to get in the book. I dodn’t get my pictures printed before I had to send it off.


I believe Dana put the book together, and everyone who has had him did a page themseles. The only thing I did was our family’s page and take the pictures.


Next we could get someone to turn them into web pages somehow. That could be cool.


WOW Way to kewl What a great job! So when is the DC’s bear’s next trip?


Aw Cincy, this was so cool of you to post the pictures. DS was thrilled to see his photos here! And then we reminisced about our trip and started to feel a little WDW withdrawal . . .
Thanks for posting the pages! :flowers:



Thank you Cincy! The book is such a cool idea. MissDisney, I totally agree, it does make it seem like we are family. :slight_smile:


Very cute!

I thought more people than that have had him though…


I would have thought so as well, but that was all of the pages that have been filled out.