DC on myspace!


Sweet I just noticed that DC was on myspace today! I joined the group but just have to wait for the approval now. Woot! :wub:


yeah! We are…except I don’t know if anyone’s ever even posted there :laugh: we’re all too busy posting HERE! hee hee


I know I noticed that when I was looking through the bulletins! :stuck_out_tongue:


I post there when DC wasn’t up, I like your space tessa


thanks :smile: yeah, lol, I had all my backup sites for when DC was down…
but that doesn’t seem to be a problem anymore :biggrin: yay new server!!!


Very cool–I’ll add!
And here’s MySpace if you want to add.


Because we have two teens, we have a NO MYSPACE rule in the house! I guess I will have to sneak off to the library to check it out!


Very Kewl Space!!


Uh… Forgive me, but, what’s “My Space?” Whatever it is, it’s blocked from the govt computers here at work… :dry:


he he Its www.myspace.com and there is a DC group there. I have my own space too :tongue: http://www.myspace.com/blue_fire_ :wink:


Add me! Add me!



I did I did :tongue:


Gotcha FA!


I guess I’ll have to check it out when I get home…stupid AF computers… :angry:


he he sorry hog :tongue:


I added you FA…gamby you’re already on my friends :smile:


oh yeah…anyone else on myspace who hasn’t added me mine is


and I have a music site


Yea, sure… If you were sorry, you wouldn’t be chuckling at me… :dry:


Tessa, oh wow you are so incredibly beautiful!!! I bet you are a costumed Belle very, very soon!!!

Can’t you guys all picture Tessa as Belle? Kissing kids at the France pavilion and dancing on the stage with the Beast??? I SO CAN!!!


:tongue: sorry