DCA Re-Make Thread


Okay, so for those of you who have suggested I do this here it is, the thread for any of your questions regarding any and all plans coming to DCA in its 1.2 Billion dollar remake and all the other refurbishments, new shows, improvments coming to the hotels, DTD and anything else inbetween.

So pretty much Im not going to say anything that is going to be happening because I want you to be the ones to ask the questions hence why there is this thread :wink: so ask away and we can take it from there yea?

Note that any information has not been confirmed directly with the Walt Disney Company and is just information that has been relayed to me by Cast Members of the Disneyland Resort and inside sources


Me! Me! I have questions!

Are the plans for clsing the doomed attractions one at a time slowly, or will there just be one big shut-down?
And are the new attractions going to be opening quickly?

I am asking because there is a tiny possibility that we could book a trip in the next year, but I don’t want to do it if it means all the old attractions are closed and the new ones haven’t opened yet. I sort of picture that being like wandering around a big “Under Construction” park…


By August 2009 Paradise Pier should be a little over half way done, it will probably take them until around 2010-2011 to completely finish Paradise Pier and the surrounding areas with the new rides and such they are adding.

By August 2009 however, the new lagoon nighttime water show spectacular ‘Disney’s World of Color’ should be open along with the new daytime parade ‘Disney-Pixar Pals Parade’ and other construction should start poping up around the park as well.

So when you go you will notice major changes and you will be there during the process of the re-making of the park, everything should be completely done to that park by 2015-2016 (this is the timetable including any new rides that will be added after the initial overall completion of the park) and the main lands and such should be done by 2012, they want to have the bulk of everything done by 2011 for DCA’s 10th Anniversary so people can get a real look at what DCA will be like and they want to re-brand and re-dedicate the park for the 10th as well.

I would definatley come back to DCA in either 2011 for its 10th Anniversary of 2012 (or later?) depending on how quickly you can come back to see DCA all done after you make your August 2009 trip.


The attractions will most likely go down one by one in one land at a time, they are going to fix each land one by one and only once, so they are going to do it right. And the Attraction openings really have to do with what they plan to build and what the queue/exit/facade will be and look like; it could be 4 months it could be 1 year, just depends on the attraction and what Disney does.

Within the next year the main areas that will be walled off or under construction will be Paradise Pier and the areas surrounding the Lagoon, once October of this year rolls around they will start bringing in the bulldozers and start work on Paradise Pier and they want to get the lands around the lagoon and get the lagoon ready and terraced for the new nighttime show debuing in 2009. I would also expect other refurbs going on in other lands at the same time as well.

But if I were you I would still go because nothing is more cool then seeing something like DCA in transformation mode and it will be interesting to see, so dont let that stop ya…plus there is still Disneyland too! :happy:


Ok… All this talk made me so excited that I just added an additional day to our upcoming trip. I decided to drive down a day earlier! I will be looking for the construction.