OK DCA (Disney Central Apprentice) is going to be comming back soon!!!

I just wanted to post for all the new people I wanted to share what that is. Basically we stole the idea from the NBC show, The Apprentice, with some minor changes. No one votes anyone out!! This is just to be creative, and have fun!! This year we have a new format, and some new people helping doing some of the planning. Part of the new format is that each week we will post a vote where each person can vote for who had the best/most creative response to the task. The top 3 will be the only ones to compete in the final task. There might even be a surprise at the end this year!!!

So, we are trying to find out about how many people are interested in this, so please post if you are interested, and be sure to keep an eye on the Games forum within the next 2-3 weeks. :mickey:


Hmm, Sounds kinda interesting. I might be intrested in the new “game”. :slight_smile:


Sounds fun! I’d be willing to give it a go!


Could be interesting and fun:)


Sounds fun! Count me in…


I have to laugh, because in these parts, “DCA” means Disney’s California Adventure. :mickey:


Sounds FUN! :biggrin:


HAHA. Yeah, I was alerted to this AFTER I posted the thread, and it wouldn’t let me change it. Sorry!


I’ll try to play, however I 'm not sure I understand what it is all about.


Sign me up!


It sounds like you have never seen The Apprentice. Basically on the show Donald Trump has contestants battle it out to see who would run a division of his company the best. Here on Dc, we applied the same general thing, every 5 days a new “task” will be posted, and you will have those 5 days to post a solution to the task. A sample one (not saying this will be one or not) is to design your own water park for Disney, but it must use the old River Country land. Most of the chalenges are easy, but will gradually get harder as the game goes on. There will be nine weeks and then the tenth week will be from the top three players of the main game. Hope this clears things up for everyone. Any other questions??