DCA's 5th Anniversary


Hey what do you all think Disney should bring to DCA and do for DCA’s 5th Anniversary this February? I Think they should do some new sort of night time water/firework spectacular on Paradise Pier Lagoon, announce some new things coming to the park and do really cool high class 5th Anniversary decorations and maybe even more, what do you all think?


Oh wow! I can’t believe it’s been 5 years already! It seems like just a couple of years ago it was just a parking lot. Oh and then a construction zone! I don’t know what they should do, I’ll have to give it some thought.


It’s only been there for 5 years??? Wow!

I thought it had been there for alot longer! I really need to pay more attention!


haha, nope, only 5 years. I cant wait for them to begin the re-themeing/re-designing of the park/entry facade. Ive heard of a lot of good things in store to come. :smile:


My memory is off… What is the exact date in February? :pirate:


Disney’s California Adventure opened on February 8, 2001. So less than a month to go until its 5th! HOPEFULLY Disney will do something cool and new for its 5th, DLP got a castle overlay on their 5th…DCA should get something too, lol.


Hey Tim! Well, whatever they do I hope it lasts until June when I am there. hehe

This sounds weird but I think the park could use A LOT more and sophisticated landscaping. Having visited DCA with my best friend, who is a horticulturalist and has helped design spots like Donald Trump golf courses, etc she REALLY helped to point out the defeceit of landscaping in DCA, compared to other Disney parks. It could have been intentional by design but it can sometimes feel “concretish jungle” to me. Especially in the Hollywood part, upon entry, and Paradise Pier. California has such a VAST spectrum of vegitation, shrubbery, trees, etc in it’s natural environment and I kinda wish Disney horticulturalists would have capitalized on that more.

Keep in mind that I have only visited DCA twice and my last visit was mid-2003 so things could have changed… a lot!

Other than some more leafy greens I liked your orignal suggestion on the nighttime water/firework production.

Keep us updated on any happenings.


Yes, I too agree that DCA needs much more vegitation. The newly opened “Hollywood Studios” in HPB has MANY trees and the whole area actually looks like a Disney theme park. And the park should be recieving more trees here in the near future and some lovely treatments. The “Condor Flats” section of the park is planned to be trashed and the Grizzley forrest theme is planned to be pushed down to the Soarin’ Over California area, so that will become much more lavish and lush. Then Paradise Pier is going to be re-done/re-modeled, so maybe something cool will be done there. The Sunshine Plaza is also going to be remodeled as well as the entry plaza section of DCA and the park is planned to be expanded into the parking lot and TOT is planned to be expanded as well. So DCA has A LOT coming to it in the future including new rides. So Im sure the park will be improved GREATLY within the next 5 or so years, lets hope its a fabulous well loved park (by everyone) by its 10th Anniversary! :smile:


Let me know when you hear something!

I won’t arrive until the 17th, but it would be worth checking out what DCA does…

I, for one, was actually impressed with the mickeys last year…


Wow, I am SO glad to hear of all the rumored updates. So when are they knocking down the Paradise Pier hotel and actually building something attractive? Ok, haha, that was uncalled for, I am sorry. :dry:

I CANNOT wait to see all these changes come June, with the ToT area and the Monsters,Inc. ride. I am excited.

Hey, is the sourdough exhibit still there with Rosie O’Donnell, and what about the little tortilla factory?


Both the sourdough exhibit and the tortilla factory are still there.

With free samples… :pirate:


I had actually heard they wanted to re-theme the PP Hotel and also turn it into a value resort hotel, so who knows what may happen? And I believe the tortilla factory is still there, im not sure on the sourdough though, sorry. :smile:


Maybe for the 5th they could have a cool logo with the slogan 5 years of Disney’s California Adventure,…“Watch the Magic Unfold”…

It would be fitting with all the improovments they have waiting/being planned :smile: And it would give people a sense that things can only get better from here… the park is doing much better. Or at least it’s headed in the right direction.


Hey thats a pretty spiffy idea, nice one :smile:


I really like that suggestion too DLRocks!! I wonder how much pull us DC members have in the matter? :tongue:


I heard they may consider putting a theme park there . . . Sorry I didn’t care for DCA when I visited. Not many rides and no Disney feel. It was Ok. IMO anything that can be done is an improvement.


SCORCH! Hahaha… I went to PPH in 2004 and literally fled from it to GCH (very nice). PPH was not very good at that time for many-many reasons. But, I just did go to PPH in December and it “felt” much better this time around. It does look nicer in lots of ways, but I still think of it as the least of the Disneyland Resort hotels…

I am excited too… Hopefully they have some done sooner too! I want to visit DL/DCA in March and again in April… Well I can be happ that at least Monsters Inc is done! :cool:

If anyone hears anything about DCA’s birthday, please be sure to come back and share it!!! :wink:


Yea Disney has been doing many improvements to PPH and plans to re-theme it I guess you could say when they start to bring DCA out of the hole of shame. I cant wait to see what is going to really happen. :smile:


I wish they would have started…so it would be finished…Rockin Roller Coaster…yeah…I know…Dream on! :nonono2:


ROCKIN ROLLER COASTER? nah, no way!!! For real?