DCA's new Placemaking Budget


I was reading, and as of right now the Managment of Disney gave the okay and got the okay for DCA’s new place making budget to be around 650 Million Dollars, thats just about how much it cost to build the park! Ive read many things that they have planned for the park and the resort, and from what Ive read…WOW :eek:.

If any ya’ll wanna know what Ive heard/read just ask me…Ill be more than happy to share it!


Ok…I WANNA KNOW!!! Kick down da 411! :phone:


Can you put up a link please, anaheim? Thanks


Ok, you KNOW I want to know. hehe. DCA has been my jibberjabber since it opened and news like this gets me really excited. Please, do tell. do tell.


Yes, I think we all want to know! Tell us please!


Yes, please share!


I’m pretty sure I read all about that at miceage.com - Lutz’ column, after the Sparrow/Tom Sawyer Island stuff.


Yeah i read about this on miceage. but they hadn’t said anything about disney approving it yet


I had heard disney managment went into meetings with TDA and Anaheim WDI down at the Disney Studios and things were being sorted out as in what set budget was going to be okay’d because the resort wants to get started on it asap.


OH so cool. I can’t wait to see what they are going to do!! Keep us up to date


Wow that’s a lot of money! But at the same time, it sounds like they’re essentially trying to start from the ground-up on DCA. So it’s going to take the budget to start from scratch, while additional budget to work around the things they’re leaving the same! :wacko: Ah, I can’t imagine!


Yes, it will be quite interesting to see what Disney does with the 650,000,000 dollars over the next 5 or so years over at DCA, and yes DLR DID get the OK for the budget of 650,000,000, yay!! :happy:


Ok…Inquiring minds need to know… Please with pixie dust :slight_smile: