DCI + Disney = LOVE


I was at the DCI Atlanta competition (Georgia Dome) on Saturday, and as soon as I got there, I looked up at the big screen and saw… WALT DISNEY WORLD!!! It made me so happy! They showed footage of the corps marching through MK. And then I looked across the dome, and there was Disney!

So… I had left for dinner, and was late getting back due to rain and heavy traffic. I couldn’t enter the stands while a corps was performing, so I was just shopping around, and noticed the Disney booth. There was no one there except for the lady working the booth, so I decided to go on over and check it out. I chatted with her for a bit. Told her how much I love Disney. She gave me a booklet and a brochure, and my very own Festival Disney button!!! I was so excited!

I had no idea that DCI and Disney had much to do with eachother. But for twelve consecutive years, WDWR will be presenting the “Spirit of Disney” Award during the DCI World Championships. “The award recognizes one outstanding drum corps in each division for its ability to translate imagination into an educational and fun forum for all participants, to utilize new ideas and techniques, and to provide great entertainment value for the audience.” Las year’s Division I winner was The Cavaliers (Rosemont, IL), for their show, “The Green Machine.” YouTube - Cavaliers 2006 - Full Show

After flipping through the booklet, and noticed some dates. I figured they might come in handy knowing, to avoid the crowd. You may want to avoid these weeks because I’m assuming the parks will be crowded with band geeks and chorus freaks (heh…), especially The Disney Honors week. Festival Disney, which is Middle and High School Instrumental, Choral, and Auxiliary Groups, takes place on weekends (excluding Easter) between March 1st and May 10th, 2008 (3-5 day packages). The Disney Honors, which is High School Concert Bands, Orchestra, and Concert Choral Ensembles, takes place from March 7-10, 2008 (3-4 day packages). Disney Magic Music Days and Disney Peforming Arts Workshops take place year round.

Also included in the booklet were Grad Nites, which you’d also probably like to avoid. April 18, 19, 25, 26, 2008 at WDW.

Sorry for the length… I was just really pumped.


That’s interesting, I never knew the two had anything to do with each other at all. I was at the DCI competitions in High School and unfortunately never saw one hint of Disney what-so-ever. Haha, then again that was in '92-‘96 when I was actually IN High School… quite awhile ago. Good to see the Cavaliers are still rockin’ it. :laugh: PS: I DO NOT miss marching band WHAT-SO-EVER. aye, that video alone gave me the hives.


The first Spirit of Disney award was givin out in 1995 to “Cadets of Bergen County” (they’re just The Cadets, now). In 1996, it was awarded to Madison Scouts.

The Cavies won world championships, last year. This year, Blue Devils are in the lead (woot, woot… I’m wearing my Blue Devils shirt, right now!).


haha, I must not have been very observant then b/c I DO not remember seeing any Disney awards what-so-ever. That’s pretty cool though.


Oh, and September-goers… Spinfest is September 14 and 15, this year. You might wish to avoid that weekend. Mia Michaels from So You Think You Can Dance is this year’s guest clinician, so I have a feeling that the event will be rather large. Guard girls are insane, so I would definitely be weary of the following Sunday, when they’re likely to infest the parks.


OK - I’m lost - What is DCI?


I’m glad somebody asked!:laugh: I have no clue…:blink:


Yeah, I am clueless also. (but what is new?)