DCL House Party


I got an e-mail about hosting a DCL house party, and I thought, “Cool… we host parties all of the time. If I get selected to host, then I’ll get some free DCL stuff.”

So, I registered through Facebook… I entered my actual birth year (sometimes I use my Dad’s), and completed the entire survey… then got to the end, where you have to check that you are eighteen or older. And dang it… I’m not eighteen, yet. And I didn’t want to lie.

I suppose they really don’t want a seventeen year old hosting a DCL promo party because it would consist of other teenagers who do not book and pay for their own vacations. Dang it… and I’ve registered with the house party site, so I’ll probably receiving a bunch of junk e-mail, now.

Has anyone on MB signed up to host this? It looks cool.


aww- I would invite you to ours if I could… :wink: