DCL luggage question


Cruising on the Magic in April…
Flying in the day before, taking Magical Express to POFQ for the night. Waking up Sat. morning, taking DCL bus to port…and taking DCL bus back to MCO when cruise is over.
Question: What if we want to keep our luggage with us, since our day at WDW is so limited. Is it OK to NOT put on the luggage tags Disney provides, and pick up our luggage at the carousel, then procede to the ME busses with all our luggage? Then…tag our luggage for the DCL bus? How dies that work?
Does anyone ever Not tag their luggage for the cruise as well? Why? And how does that work?
Don’t want to complicate things–is it just easier to tag the bags…and hope our luggage arrives at POFQ in a timely manner?


I can’t helP you with the cruise part but I know you can get your own luggage before boarding the ME bus.


Absolutely. Do not use the ME luggage tags because you won’t see your luggage for a long time. Just pick it up and head over to the MS check in. The driver will place your luggage on the bus and you just grab it at the resort. (A tip to the driver is appreciated to be sure.) If your room isn’t ready at check in just leave your bags with bell services.

Do not put the DCL cruise line tags on the luggage until you are taking the bus to the cruise. Once you hit the port, anything other than what you carry on will have to have a cruise line tag. It will appear in front of your cabin later in the afternoon.

Doing the eastern or western cruise? If you do the western, at Grean Caymen make sure you take a few minutes to visit “heck” and the devil. He’s a friendly chap and while the wages of sin might be death, you can get to “heck” and back for only $5 on the local bus service - really vans.

I am SO ready for another cruise!


Most paper work will tell you to not put your DCL tags on till the morning of the cruise. If you put them on before there is a chance of them falling off. We took a carnival cruise once and our garment bag had lost it’s tag. Thankfully those bags with no tags end up at customer service and we got our bag. Remember thought if you are getting on the boat as soon as you are able to you will not see your bags for a while. In fact I do not think they even start giving out bags till after the fire drill.

Wear you life jacket everyone has to do. It is the only pain in the butt manditory thing that you have to do.


We have done your senario. I agree with getting your bags yourself from the airport and not putting the ME tags on. After you are at your hotel confirm your DCL pickup time. This was a little bit difficult for us last time. It took a while to get through to someone who knew. Then DCL will ask that your luggage be ready early am. It will go to the port on a different bus from you.


Thanks for clearing this up for me everyone.
I think I won’t tag our luggage at home, so I will pick up our luggage at the MCO carrousel, and carry to the magical express bus…so we will have our luggage upon arrrival and check in at POFQ.
Then, before handing our luggage off to the DCL bus in the morning, I will place the DCL luggage tags on the luggage.
I thought this was possible, but didn’t want to ruffle any disney cast member ruffles by doing it? Is it common for ME riders to keep their luggage with them?


All the time.