DCL NYL-Nova Scotia 9/12


Flew into NYC for the last of the 5 night Canada trip. Took as long to get from LGA to cruise terminal as is does from MCO to Port Canav. What’s wrong with this picture? Millions of people and traffic.

Leaving harbour…

Waking up early for sunrise is one of the best parts of crusing. This was the smoothest day I’ve ever been at sea.


Peggy’s Cove outside Halifax. Picture perfect fishing village.


And of course we had to visit the Titanic Grave Yard. We found Jack Dawson’s grave but the real person was Joseph. Cameron thought Jack sounded more manly so we got Jack in the Movie. Joseph was the 227th body recovered.

Interesting thing, the bottom row of graves is rounded like a ship’s hull. Many of the graves are unknown and are buried under a number. Many were burried at sea after removal of personal effects if any because they didn’t have enough coffins onboard the recovery ships.


And yes, we even got up at 4:00 in the stinking morning to watch the return into NYC. We were rewards with the lights of the “Freedom Towers” which were still in red, white and blue.


Beautiful photographs, I particularly like the ocean view with the sunrise on the horizon.


Beautiful pictures! Someday I’m going to see me the Statue of Liberty. Hope you had a good time in Nova Scotia and everyone was polite.


Loved it. Not enought time there. Will go back one day and spend some more time when don’t have to rush back to the ship.


Thank you SO much for sharing your photos. They are all so beautiful and you and your wife make a lovely couple. :slight_smile: