Pros and cons on both please


Pros of NCL - lots to do for all ages, luxury liner and lots of different ports - price a little lower than Disney. Casino on board, more adult fun instead of family centered fun.

Pros for Disney - Service, Service, Service…they just do it better and make you feel special the whole way. They also sent my kids little Oceaneer club cards and thank you notes after the cruise. Boarding / departure were a LOT easier and smoother. The rooms are larger.

Cons for NCL - service not the level of Disney, departure and boarding slow and a bit unorganized compared to Disney, childrens programs are nice but not as nice as Disney.

Cons for Disney - NO ADULT FUN! There were no casinos, and no one hung out at the Adult only bars, areas or activities. My husband said he could only see doing a 3 day because he would have been bored by day #5. I, a Disney Lunatic, would have been perfectly happy with a 7 day…


I like the cruise critic site- I have used the site to research three cruises, and the info I got was right on target. Even within cruise lines, different ships can vary so much. Here’s the link:

Cruise Ships Reviews Ratings - Cruise Critic


Both are wonderful, you can’t go wrong.


I have never been on DCL (although I’d love to try it some day). My only experience has been with NCL, but I LOVED their freestyle cruising concept. Being able to eat on you own schedule and with who you wanted was great for us.


So what did you choose?