DD 16th Birthday Suggestions


We will be there on my daughter’s Sweet 16 and I was hoping you all could throw out a few suggestions on where we shoudl have her birthday dinner. She is a great kid and had worked so hard so I would love to make this day extra special!



Well, what kinds of things does she like? Does she have a favorite character? I think Cinderella’s Royal Table is a beautiful restaurant, it would be fun to have a sweet 16 dinner there. But, there are so many fun character meals to choose from, you really can’t go wrong celebrating a birthday at Disney!


I know it’s normally suggested as a “romantic” restaurant, but I would consider CA Grill. Nothing beats watching the fireworks from 15 stories high!


a 16 year-old will LOVE California Grill dinner, followed by fireworks on the catwalk! The restaurant does so much to make the night special, with Mickey confetti and special treats – just can’t be beat!


I would recommend Narcoosees - even my little ones are made to feel special here, even with no occasion to celebrate! Ask for a window view, make a late ADR and watch the boat parade AND Wishes, back to back. Very good food, drinks and desserts (we order kiddie cocktails for the kids here, they love it…my son mistakenly took a drink of my DH’s bloody mary because he didnt see the waitress take his empty strawberry dacquiri glass away - the face was priceless!)


Do they still have the luau at the Polynesian? That might be something special.

I went for my Sweet 16 and I had my celebratory birthday lunch at Crystal Palace… cute, but I didn’t exactly feel grown up. I wouldn’t recommend it for this sort of occasion. Unless she loves Pooh, of course. :happy:


How about a dinner show? I’m trying to figure out what to do for my DD that’s turning 8 on the trip. I’m leaning towards HDR show.


A girl I work with told me a story about when she went to Cinderellas Royal Table for her DDs 16th birthday.
They were there for her birthday meal and they had the fairy godmother come over and ask her if she had ever been kissed by a prince, when she told her no the fairy godmother took her by the hand and went around the to the tables looking for her “prince” he kissed her on the cheek and my friend said it was so cute, the whole restuarunt was taking pictures.:laugh: