DD has Disney Interview


:wub: Kate has a phone interview today with Disney for the college program. If accepted she would go down in January and stay until May. She passed the online interview and put down Bibbidi Boppidi Boutique as her first choice to work, followed by hospitality,vacation planner,attractions,and merchandising. She is kind of limited on what roles she can take due to her chrons disease. She can’t be out in the sun or on her feet for hours without frequent breaks and needs to be able to go to the bathroom quickly so working by herself on an ice cream cart wouldn’t be good. She has experience as a lifequard which would be good but she can’t stand the heat anymore. Anyway, send a little pixie dust her way that she gets accepted and will get a cool job assignment! I’ll post later and tell you all how it went


Hope it goes well.


Good luck to her!!! :wub:
~~~ pixie dust! ~~~


Sending her tons of pixie dust…


How exciting! Good luck to her, and lots of PD!


Very exciting! I am sending tons of pixie dust her way!


Oooo exciting!! Good luck! I hope she gets in!


How awesome is that!!! Pixie dust on the way :slight_smile:


well I just talked to her and they asked her a lot about merchandising and attractions,she thought it went well. now she has to wait 4-6 weeks to see if she’s in.