DD is sending pictures from DW


They went to breakfast at the Crystal Palace at 8:20 am, the park didn’t open until 9.

Doesn’t she look happy? :wub:


Oh she is beaming!! :wub: Look at that happy Disney grin!


We did an 8:20 one too. It is really cool walking down main street alone.


I have never seen main st so empty. Great pic’s.


Someone looks very happy!!


Wish we could all be ther with her! There’s plenty of room! LOL


She’s going to the Pirate and Princess Party tonight!


she looks so happy.


She looks happy, MK looks so empty, now I want to go that early, lol! She will have a blast at the PPP, I can’t wait.


Wow, Thats get me excited about my upcomming trip in April.YAYYYYYY!!!


I loved it when we did an early breakfast at Crystal Palace, we got some great shots of an very empty main street!


Thanks for sharing the pics. It looks like she is tremendously happy to be there. She is definitely feeling the magic.


I bet she’ll have a blast:pirate:


She called, she is. She said it rained tonight for the PPP, but they still had the parade and fireworks. She is soaked, a mess, but having a blast!

I’m so glad for her. Sunday and Monday look like nice days weather wise for them though.


Holy Smokes. I had to look twice. She looks just like my Nikki. Wow!


She’s looks so happy!!!


Do you have a picture of Nikki. How old is she, my Jessy is 26-just had her birthday and she is CELEBRATING at DW!


She is having a blast! She said she has met so many wonderful people!


DD is sad, I booked her flight home (got A27 with Southwest).

She doesn’t want to come home:frown:


Oh what a happy camper… oh I am SOOOOOOOO JEALOUS… I want to be in WDW now… got so long to wait.