DD2 has reached an important milestone


…she is now tall enough to ride the Matterhorn!! :tongue:

We were at the doctor’s office yesterday, and when the doctor measured DD’s height, she came in at 35-1/2". I announced, “Hey you’re tall enough to ride the Matterhorn now!”

Alice looked at me in astonishment, turned to the doctor and said, “Bye doctor! I’m goin’ to Disneyland!” Then she marched out the door.

:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

The rest of the day she kept saying, “Come on Mom, we go to Disneyland now! Wide duh Mattuh-hown!”



How cute!!!


Cute! This reminds me of the day at the docs we found out DD5 was tall enough for Soarin’ . . . funny how we insert Disney into our day to day lives isn’t it? :tongue:


Big day for her!!! That’s exciting!! :happy:
I loved her reaction… :laugh:


That is soooo exciting!! My kids love to go to the Dr. to see how tall they are. My DS3 is 39 1/2" tall without shoes. We are hoping with shoes in September he will be able to ride all the 40" rides with his sis!! No more Parent Swap!! WooHoo!!


Yay that is the best possible milestone, when you can finally all go together!!! I’ve got a long way to go for that one, but don’t think I haven’t wished for it already!..:laugh:


[QUOTE=PrincessJill;971709]Big day for her!!! That’s exciting!! :happy:
I loved her reaction… :laugh:[/QUOTE]

:laugh: I did too (and the doctor cracked up laughing!!) The heartbreaking part was having to tell her we couldn’t go right now…she’s been asking like once an hour ever since! :laugh:


So adorable!!!


How adorable!


So cute!! My kids are have always had their daddy measure them so they know what rides they will be big enough for on the next trip. My 2 oldest are now tall enough for everything, but our little Bonnie still has Daddy measure her about once each week.


Awe!! I love Alice!

And I personally can’t believe she’s tall enough to ride the Matterhorn!


[QUOTE=cinderbella;971740]Awe!! I love Alice!

And I personally can’t believe she’s tall enough to ride the Matterhorn![/QUOTE]

I can’t either! :crying: She’s so big! And she gets the most compliments on her hair…it’s so long, it’s more than halfway down her back. It makes her look so old. :sad:


That is great! I can’t believe she is that tall already.


She can’t be that tall already!

I love that reaction though! lol. Too cute!


This is such a cool thread! I do the same - measure the kids with respect to Disney Rides. On one trip, DD was barely tall enough for Primeval Whirl and the CM let her ride. The next time in line, a new CM was there told her she wasn’t tall enough! She tried to plea her case, “I just rode it” She was pretty upset. Came back an hour later, another new CM, and she was in like Flynn.


I hate that…:sad: So many CMs measure differently, and I know it has to be frustrating for families with young children!

I was probably one of the mean CMs because if a kid wasn’t tall enough, I didn’t let them on…period. We were told that our job was on the line in those cases, and it was a big safety issue. If a kid didn’t reach the line when I measured the top of their head using my Disneyland ID as a guideline, I was firm in my decision that they couldn’t ride.

Now I know that if I went back with my kid and one CM let her ride it and the next one didn’t, I’d be TICKED! :fork_off: Oh well…I guess that’s the way things work…


I wasn’t too worried about it, but I know what you mean. How did you use your badge to measure? (Big badge!)


So you never tried the ol’ Jimmy Choos trick? The Manolo Blahnick trick? How about the Christian Laboutin trick? I’m telling you – a good pair of 5" heels will fool those CMs every time! :wink:


We were told to have the child stand with their back against the measuring…thing…(sign? I don’t know what you’d call it :laugh:) and then place our ID (just the size of a credit card) flat against the top of their head. If our ID was touching the line, they could ride, but if the card was even the tiniest bit under the line, we had to say no.

I’m pretty sure most people didn’t do that though. I was a goody-two-shoes CM. (I adhered to the the Disney Look like it was the law, used corny themed spiels whenever I spoke to guests, always stood with my hands clasped in front of me or behind me…) and I took A LOT of flack for it! :laugh: :laugh:


I get it. I think this measuring sign had an arm that stuck out in a similar way, if you didn’t touch the top you were too short. I tried to teach my DD to stand on her toes a wee bit, but…kids these days, ya know?!? Can’t teach 'em anything!