DD#2 made me so proud


I was playing with Eila today and she recognized, Mickey Mouse, Cinderella and Snow White. The brainwashing has begun!:laugh:


You go mom!!


woohoo Kara another Disney fan woohoooo


Yeeeeesssssssssss…another baby, successfully programmed. :ph34r: :ph34r:

Well done, Agent T67. :cool:


All I can say is congratulations, you have a wunderkind on your hands :laugh:


Never to early to teach them the basics. Way to go Eila!


Well done Agent T67. Keep up the good work.


Ah, most excellent!! :mickey:


That is awesome.


She’s brilliant!!! That’s so cute!


Yea , Before long she will tell you she wants to go to Disney World Also.


Excellent, excellent. :laugh: Well done!! Eila is well on her way!

So far Alice lights up when she sees Mickey, Minnie and Tinkerbell…but the only one she attempts to call by name is Hannah Montana. :blush: :laugh:


:wink: Never too early to get them started!:mickey: