DD#2's Band Trip not so bad after all


So I was very worried about our trip, seeing as Band Director didn’t give us our ticket info until a few days before we left (I think he’s seen the error of his ways) but it wasn’t too terrible. I was able to get a few Fast Passes but not in an organized way, which caused us to do a lot of crisscrossing in the parks (oh my, my feet and legs were so sore and swollen which is not usually the case on our trips…guess I’m going to have to admit I’m getting older.) Anyway, we were able to ride everything we wanted to, even if it meant standing in lines for an hour or more. I was actually kind of surprised at how crowded it was for April. I think they had a RunDisney event on Saturday, which probably was the reason.

So, we arrived to Disney Springs Wednesday evening, thankfully earlier than last year so had more time for eating and shopping. DD and I ate at Pizza Pointe which was very, very, good. Afterwards we wandered around and I showed her World Of Disney (renovating? It wasn’t near as large as I remembered and it looked as though they had closed part off) and the Lego store sculptures, we took a cruise around the lake and went to the Coca-Cola store (again, very cool place but wouldn’t expect anything less with Disney). I didn’t take my big camera this time but still got some good pictures from my iPhone.

Thursday morning the kiddos had a workshop at the Symphony Hall (?) with some of the Disney composers, which seemed to be a big hit. From what I understand they were taught a couple of songs from Tangled, recorded and played back over the movie. I’m hoping the parents get to see it at some point. While the kids were there the parents went to Epcot. OOOOH YEAH…I love exploring on my own!! Rode TT, M:S and saw Turtle Talk, also got a little shopping done without DD wanting to buy out the store, LOL. The band got to Epcot around 1:30 and we all went into our “walking groups”, which for me and DD was just us. She wanted to ride TT first (this is a big change from last year’s trip to Universal, where she had to be convinced to ride just about anything and we didn’t ride anything major but the HP rides with the exception of the Dragon Challenge) so off we went to Standby (no FP’s). It ended up only being about a 45 minute wait, not too bad. She LOVED IT. Was ready to go again! Our first FP of the day was at 2:30 for Soarin’ so that’s where we headed next. Last year she probably would have hated it but this year she said it was one of her favorite rides (up to that point). Afterwards we walked the World Showcase and she got to meet Anna and Elsa (only a 20 minute wait with no FP) and then she met Mulan. After circling WS we headed for our next FP on Spaceship Earth. OK, she was not too impressed with it, but my feet were overjoyed! Back to TT again and then to M:S which we had FP’s for. She was a little apprehensive about it so we rode Green side first (I’d never been on that side before) as it only had a 5 min. standby line. Once DD saw that it was a pretty cool ride she rode the Orange side (using the FP) and then we rode it again! This was now her favorite ride of all time, tied with TT. :rofl:

Friday was Animal Kingdom…when I said Band Director had seen the error of his ways by not giving us ticket info far enough in advance, he tried to make up for it today by getting us to AK about 30 mins early so we could hoof it to Pandora…still had about an hour and a half wait for Flights of Passage, but then DD decided this was her favorite ride. :joy: We had a FP for EE so we headed over there after FoP. Not to sound like a broken record, but after riding DD exclaimed excitedly that she was “so riding this again” and it was now her most favorite ride. We did single rider two more times through then headed to DinoLand to ride standby on Primeval Whirl (not my favorite. But she loved it). Waited about an hour for Dinosaur then headed off for Kali River Rapids (had a FP), which promptly went down as we were almost to the rafts. I told DD that they’d either fix it pretty quickly or give us another FP but then whatever went wrong (I think I heard that someone lost a diaper in the river…ewww) was fixed and we were off. DD was ready to go back to ride EE again but I convinced her that there was a whole other part of the park she hadn’t seen yet (Africa) and didn’t she want to go on Safari? Our driver wasn’t great, she kind of rushed through the whole thing, but we were able to glimpse all the lions out sunning themselves (it was later in the afternoon by now so I was surprised they were out) and see a few giraffes as we sped by. I mean, seriously didn’t even pause. I probably could have said something but didn’t want to be a complainer and DD was ready to head back and ride EE once more before riding Primeval Whirl again (had FP this time). She REALLY wanted to ride FoP again also, so that was our last ride of the day before meeting the group for Rivers of Light.

See what I mean about all the crisscrossing?

Saturday was our last day, and at MK. We ran for Seven Dwarfs Mine Train but again, waited a while since we were in Standby. DD got to where she wasn’t even phased by the wait times…then we headed for Space Mtn which surprisingly, had a very short wait time so we rode it again. Went to Buzz Lightyear (I was keeping track of wait times to try to get us on as many rides as possible and it was short) then headed over to HM with our first FP of the day, DD wasn’t impressed with it, said “I thought this was going to be a little scary.” Sigh. The newly minted adrenaline junkie was bored by something…LOL! We tried to get on PotC but the ride went down just as we walked up, so since I saw that the wait time to meet Cinderella was kind of short (30 mins) we headed over there. Princess Elena was with her, DD had never heard of her so we Googled her really fast so she could talk to her about something. I should mention, DD has Asperger’s so she’s a little socially awkward. When she met some of the characters she just kind of stood there with her strange little grin and didn’t say much. I wanted to try to give each character (esp the face characters) a little signal about it but didn’t know how to without making her uncomfortable so…it all was fine, I know. So afterwards we used our FP’s for Jungle Cruise…DD didn’t get many of the jokes but I was rolling. Tried to explain as we went but y’all know how rapid fire the jokes are on there! Splash Mtn was next, and the standby was murderously long it seemed. We also had a group of obnoxious teenagers in front of us…and the folks behind us kept trying to ease by us. Oh this is my pet peeve at WDW…the folks who think just because some of the lines aren’t necessarily single file (and this happened in a big way later on PotC) that they can push past you. Every time I want to smack someone…on Pirates I just muttered about it to DD because this couple pushed ahead of 10 people by the time we got to the boats (not including the folks behind us…they were about 5 people behind when we first got into the queue area.) Oh my gosh I was boiling,but I finally just told my DD that some people don’t understand social customs here and “let it go” (lol…been waiting to make that reference!) So yeah, by this time I am so tired and feet are blistered (even with my shoes broken in). We rode BTMRR then back to Space Mtn again (which by now had a long standby). I made DD promise that we could sit down for a while then we’d do some shopping for shirts and pins.

Y’all. I have never, ever, in my life, WANTED to VOLUNTARILY leave WDW. I was so tired though and my legs hurt so bad…next time (there will always be a next time, of course!!) I may have to get a scooter. I would feel bad as I think I’m a pretty able-bodied individual, however I don’t think I could ever go back if I didn’t have one. AND…I’ll have to go back once Galaxy’s Edge opens in HS. I am a HUGE Star Wars fan.

So I know this was kind of long and wordy, and not too big on personal experience. I didn’t even say anything about our visit to Be Our Guest (was very tasty, and I did have the Grey Stuff) or the pearls we found in oysters from the Japan pavilion (they were a nice size!) I am still so worn out and have to go to work tonight, ugh. I wanted to get this trip report made though, I know some were very helpful as I was stressing about the trip beforehand and wanted them to know it was all good. I’ve forgotten how to tag people but DisneyTeacher and Princess Lindsay? I can’t get back to look at my post about it (I just tried to look on my phone to see and it pulled up this post right away…weird!!) Thanks for helping me with my crazy. LOL!


Thank you for your wonderful trip report! I miss reading these so much. Can you please say a little something about he Rivers of Light and what you thought of it?


Rivers of Light was a lot better than I thought it would be. It’s not on the river per se, but on the lake near Asia/EE. They put in bleacher-style seating (like Fantasmic) for people to sit and watch, you can get a FP and get similar seating (although maybe a little closer?) DD and I watched from Flame Tree BBQ and the view wasn’t bad at all. there was one really rude man there though that was all “excuse me, you’re blocking my view!” to another family there while he sat at a table…he got up and jumped in front of them when they didn’t move (didn’t understand? I think they were from another country) and almost knocked their baby into the water.

I didn’t really think I’d enjoy the show but was pleasantly surprised.


Is Rivers of Light held every night, or is it only on select nights? We are going in September


I’m not sure. We were only in AK one day/evening so I couldn’t say.


I’m so glad you had a good trip, I was worried about you after reading about your lack of planning ability. I hope next time the director understands a little planning goes a long way.

There’s no Disney trip that compares to my two band trips. We are not open to close people but my band trips have been truly exhausting. I average maybe 4-5 hours of sleep each night and we’re open to close every day. It’s hard. We usually take afternoon breaks and have a sit down meals to regroup but my band trips have been true camando style.

I’m so glad it worked out and your daughter got to try some new rides and loved them. That’s always exciting and makes planning another trip even more fun.