DDE Card Question


I know it takes about 4 weeks to arrive, but what do you think is the latest I can order my DDE card? We’re going the first week in August when my AP expires. I have no plans to renew the AP, so I was hoping to get the most mileage from my DDE.


I would order it about a month ahead of time just so you dont get left without it I live in South florida and it doesnt take verylong to get but thats because I am here in state


WOO HOOO!!! I had NO IDEA that they had opened this up to non-Florida residents!!!

We have PS’s for Narcoosee’s, Marrakesh and Le Cellier not to mention discounts at “Everything Pop”!

I’m gonna order this today!!!

Man… I really need to stay on top of things better.


ddoll, Deb’s site also says this:

“NOTE: Allow 4-6 weeks for processing. If you will be visiting Walt Disney World before you receive your membership card, DDE will fax or mail a letter of authorization to your home. If regular mail or fax isn’t practical (e.g. your trip to WDW is within a few days), or if you’re already at Walt Disney World, you can arrange to pick up a letter of authorization from a Guest Relations office. You will need to show a photo I.D.”

So, either way, you should be ok. But go ahead and arder it ASAP.


Matt where have you been lol You really do need to stay on top of things :whistling


What’s a DDE card?


Disney Dining Experience Card ( it used to be open to only Florida residents but they recently opened it to AP holders )


Thanks!!! I am not a passholder and I don’t live in sunny Florida, so I guss I can’t use this. No wonder I never heard of it. LOL!


Hi, there’s been an update to the DDE ordering process. They will no longer send you an email (due to abuse of the system, most likely!) but will send you a temporary card if you are outside of one week of travel. If you have a week or less to go, they will print a temporary card which you can pick up at the Guest Services office right outside of the front gates at Epcot (where alot of the specialty dining programs are housed)


YES!! That’s what I was hoping for! I don’t want to order it too early and waste my year’s usage on empty days.

And for those of you didn’t know about it, AP holders get a discount on the regular price of the DDE. We pay $50 instead of the usual $75. This card allows 20% off dining, which pays for itself pretty quickly.


We covered our costs on Day 3 of our using it! LOL!

Bring it out at every restaurant, too - we found they accepted it at a few counter service locations not on the list.


FYI, I got the confirmation letter about 4 days after I faxed the request. So last minute orders are fasible.


They are no longer emailing a confirmation letter out, but will mail a temporary card if you so wish to. Too many folks abused the privelege, unfortunately.

I’m glad you got it - it’s worth it’s weight, definately!!


Can you get a DDE if you have purchased AP’s but have not activated them yet? (e.g., purchased them over the net or phone and just have invoice).


Yes, but you must provide the string of numbers on teh back of the voucher when you do so.


What’s the number to call and order the DDE?


Here’s the link to Deb’s page: http://allearsnet.com/din/dde.htm

And here’s the phone number: (407) 566-5858

Also, if you’re a passholder, the best way to order is to go to the passholder gateway on the disney site and download the form, fill it out and fax it.




If I’ve already got my email (apparantly from before they changed the procedure) but no card (temporary or otherwise) I’m assuming they’re still accepting the email?? Maybe I should call to have a temp card printed or will they do it automatically?? Anyone??


Ok, so, here’s my DDE story. I think it was the end of Feb. (2 months ago) I ordered my card. I got an email saying that the card should come in 4-6 weeks, but that I can use the email until then. Since I’m not going until May 2, no worries, right? But, the email says the letter is valid until 4/30. Yikes! So, I emailed the woman about a week ago saying that I still didn’t get my card. She said to wait until the 29th to recieve it because the request had just been sent. If I don’t get it by the 29th, call her and I can pick up a card from her at Epcot guest relations. So, the 29th comes and I don’t get my card in the mail. It’s around 7pm (since I waited for my mail to come) and I email her letting her know to be expecting my call on Sat. or Sunday or asap because I’m coming to WDW on Monday. I get an “out of office” auto response that she is on vacation until who knows when…sometime after I will have left Florida. :noo: SO…now what??? Do I just go to Epcot guest relations when I get there and share my plight? Or just use the email that I have the technically expired yesterday and explain at every restaurant I go to and hope they accept it? Do I just call the DDE office on Mon? I am only going for 7 days so I don’t want to miss out on using it any day of my trip…any thoughts?? :confused: