DDE card


Just got my card. I was shocked, I ordered it the begining of Nov. So it only took about 2 1/2 weeks to get here.


Wow that is fast. Good for you!


That is fast! If I order mine now while I still have the AP, will I be able to use it next trip in October when I am not an AP holder?


Yep, I asked mickey about that. It is not tied to the AP (except for the discounted price, so when you get it all you have to do is show it and you get the discount. They never asked to see my AP with it for the discount.


Awesome! I never got it for my last trip and it would definately come in handy when trying to pay for 6 to eat. Thanks leslie.


The letter that came with it just said about having a photo id. Nothing about the AP.


Great for you jo jo ! Thanks for posting that too, cause that is good to know since we are trying to figure out when to order ours.


the DDE is a great little card to have. i got it for our last trip and it definitely came in handy. saving 20% is great! print out a list of the restaurants that accept the card and carry it with you during your trip. that way, you can double check which restaurant’s take the card. it comes in handy.


Dana, I ordered my DDE card just before my AP ran out. I didn’t renew and I now have two more trips, at least, to use the 20% discount before my year runs out. The trick is to get it as late as you can without wasting any of it’s active time.


We just ordered ours today !! I am so excited !


Excuse my ignorance- you need a card to get the dining discounts if you are a passholder? My in-laws have the AP, but they know nothing about how it works. They thought they just showed the pass for discounts.


It’s two different things. Some restaurants offer an AP discount others offer 20% off with the DDE card. We used the DDE card this past summer and saved a lot of money. I think there were a couple of places that didn’t take the DDE card so I used my AP for a smaller discount.


So you have to buy the DDE card as well as the AP?


Yes, you have to buy both, with an AP it’s only $50. I think it’s worth it if you have a lot of sit down meals planned. We had either 5 or 8 people in our group during our trip and I thought it was well worth it. We paid for the card by the end of our second day, after that it was all savings.


We like to eat a full breakfast every day, so at PC we would save about 3 bucks a day. After two weeks, the card is almost paid for. And you still have to add in the savings from your other meals. I think it would be hard not to save money with DDE.


We used it almost everywhere in June. 20% off is a great deal. We have at least one sitdown meal a day.(DH needs to know where and when he will be eating everyday.)


Help me Mr. Wizard - what is DDE?


Disney Dining Experience- it’s a card for AP holders or FL residents. It cost 50 dollars for AP holders and I think 75 for FL residents. It saves you 20% off meals at most table service meals. I think there are a couple of places that don’t take it. Also 20% off counter meals at the value resorts and AK because those places don’t have any table service places. Aside from saving on the food, you can also save on drinks. I don’t drink but at the cost of wine and such, that can also really add up.


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Anyway, can DVC members use the DDE? Is it different that the dining/meal plan?