Our trip may be extended from 10 days to 16 days so I am looking into a annual pass which would mean that I could purchase the Dining Card. Issue I have is that I would not acutally buy my pass till we are at SoG since we are military. Do you think that I would be able to get the card in advance? Or will I not be able to get one at all?


I’ve not done this but you might be able to get your AP and call and order your DDE card and pick it up at Epcot the following day. You would have one day w/o it but you could use it for the rest of your trip.


I would call and find out. I don’t see why they wouldn’t let you just pick up the card while you are there. I know it took a while for them to mail mine out, but I remember others mentioning picking them while at Disney. You poor, poor thing you, having to extend your trip. :slight_smile:


I’m sure there’s a way to purchase your AP and DDE at the same time. You can’t be the only on to do it that way. In fact, it’s probably just us computer dweebs that order everything ahead of time.

And, I had to pick a temporary DDE card at Epcot because I didn’t order it until just before my trip.


The DDE card, I have been thinking about this for our upcoming September Trip , and was hoping someone had some exeperience with it…

What made you purchase this? Is it a better deal than going with the dining plan? Would you do it again?


I was thinking the same thing. So sorry you had to make the trip like, twice as long. :dry: Well, at least I might be the Queen of Fireworks while you are away…


I got my DDE card last June for our July trip. I thought about the dining package but decided to go with an AP discount on our 2 rooms at WL. We saved about $400 per room, more than we would save on food for 5 people over 7 days. After that we were moving over to BCV on DVC points and couldn’t get the dining plan at that time.

We were at WDW for a total of 13 days and had 5 people in our group the first week and 8 people in our group the second week. Basically we save what we would have tipped at each sit down meal.

I thought about the dining plan agin this year but decided to go with the AP room discount and get one more trip out of our DDE card. If it weren’t for the room discount I think I would do the dining plan this trip just to try it.


HEEEHEEEEE!!! I have a laptop :wink: And I know how to use it. I will never give up my Title of Queen!!!