DDP and Blackouts?


A good friend called today and told me they’re taking DD6 to WDW this month as their Christmas present. YAYYY! She hasn’t been in over 15 yrs and even then it was only once offsite. Obviously alot has changed since then so we have our work cut out for us.

Here’s the question…they’re checking in on Dec 19th at Sports I believe for 5 days. Free DDP is running during that time until the 21st. Did someone post recently that as long as you check in before the promo ends you could benefit during your whole trip? If not could they benefit for the 2 days before it ended?

She’s coming over this afternoon to START planning :ohmy:(I know right) and I wanted to try to help as much as possible with the short time she has. As of right now all they have is room & tics, nothing else.:eek:


Sit down will probably be hard to get but try for Germany they usually have openings, Crystal Palace for breakfast should have opening also. Kona Cafe at the Poly for lunch or breakfast usually have opening also but that one is harder to get. Chef Mickey, the Castle will be out as so will Canda Le Cellier. Norway maybe be open but not sure on that one. France for lunch is a good bet for a walk up reservation.


Yes, you most certainly can get free dining for the entire stay if you check in before it ends. What a nice surprise that will be for her. :slight_smile: I’d say if you look for meals at non meal times, you should be able to get ressies. Good luck!


Thanks Princess, I will certainly tell her


I just want to say how exciting! We took a last minute trip last year around the same dates, and it was fantastic! Have fun planning with your friend and tell her all the MBers wish her a safe, magical trip. :happy:


what did she get to do???


I am curious what ADRs you were able to get. Fill us in! :mickey:


After talking with my friend again she told me even though they were going there on the 19th they weren’t checking in till the 22nd and doing the parks till the 24th-29th. They’re going over to Tampa for some type of game:blink: O-kaaay, guess i’m a Disney NUT because nothing would stop me from going to WDW because of doing other things first lol. So no free DDP. I still have a lot to work with her on in such a short time. She didn’t know what FP was for:blush: She did ask about Character Meals so I guess i’ll try to push CP and 1900. No way they’ll get Chef M’s, the O, or Le Cell this late.
Now after trying to talk her into some of this stuff, wonder if I could talk her into taking me too :laugh:


That stinks! I think I’d move my plans around to get the free dining. Lol. You’ve got your work cut out for you. It sounds like she really doesn’t know much. And fastpass is something she really needs to take advantage of that time of year. it will be packed!


I know right. We’re sitting here now searching the web for (Character) Dining. Nothing, anywhere! except for Hollywood and Vine EVERYDAY. Hmm…maybe WDW needs to look at that and think about it lol. Most breakie locates elsewhere are booked. CS for lunch so no prob there. Not much left for dinner in the parks either except Epcot. Wonder if we’d have better luck on the phone?


In my experience it has been the same. I prefer the computer because it will let you search as many things as you would want without feeling bad about asking for 85 places and being told “I’m sorry…”


But sometimes a live one will pop up, and you can snag it faster than the computer would tell you it is available… call… and ask!



I know you’re trying your best and I have found it hard to give freinds who are on their first trip a WDW education, but make sure she fully understands (REALLY, FULLY UNDERSTANDS) the ADR system. Many of us cancel ressies the day of the meal. Many times they open up. They should call WDW-DINE every AM when they wake up and a couple of times during the day for any last minute cancelation.

Many trips DW and I only make 1-2 ADR’s for a special high end meal and play ADR roulette. We call in the AM and take a ressie based on what we want to do or what park we will be in. This has worked with and without kids. We have been suprised at what opens up at the last minute.

Good luck. You are a true friend. I know how hard it is to play WDW Teacher.


Thanks for the reminders. We usually do the same ADR thing, book 2-3 and play the rest by ear when we get there. If one is open that day great, if not then we have our fav CS’s as backups (which btw I passed on to her). So far we found a Kona breakie and a lot of Rainforest Cafe. When did they start serving breakfast? I talked her out of that one, we can go to those anywhere. She’ll pick something at EP by what strikes the fancy once she arrives. I did get her to book a 8:15 BBB at MK, park opens at 9 so even though no CP at least they’ll get the private photo op. Stressed FP! FP! FP!, went over maps, transportation, dvd planners, souvie savings, Character meets, “the Beverly” lol. Still looking into a couple dinners at one of the Deluxe’s. A few of those still open. Was trying for Sci-fi but everyday from 11-5 no openings yet plenty at all the other TS places in HS. Is that down for refurb? Found that odd.