DDP and children


My DS is a very big for his age 7 year old. On our last trip we used the basic DDP. At almost every table service location we had to purchase an additional entrée for him because the amount of food and what they were offering for the kids meals weren’t big enough or appealing to him. I emailed DVC MS this evening to inquire as to whether we could purchase an adult DDP for him for our next trip and they told me no! I don’t understand why. It’s not like Disney is losing money since the adult DDP is more expensive than the child one, right? Am I missing something???

Anyone have any options or opinions on this??


Perhaps you could order an appetizer or dessert with the meal. Or, DW and I sometimes share our larger portion with the kids.


Good idea, but it still doesn’t make any sense that they won’t let him purchase the adult ddp :blink:


I would call and ask. I have heard that people with a child under 3 have added the dining plan for their child. This seems like the same so you should be able to do it.


My GUESS is it has to do with tickets.

Say I have DW & I and junior are heading to WDW. “Grandpa” lives in Florida and already has an AP. He plans on joining us during the day, and sleep at home at night (or we get a suite and don’t mention his name in the reservations.) We can save money if we upgrade Junior’s kiddie meal to an adult meal for Grandpa and pay for Junior ala carte.


We did this at a couple of the restaurants but at others he wasn’t interested.

It DOESN’T make sense. Well, I’m sure SOMEONE thinks it does :laugh:

I’ll ask when I call to add the plan. I called last week and since my trip isn’t until 2009 I wasn’t able to add it. It seems simple enough to do, I just can’t figure out the problem.


I can see where this is a problem. We have a group of 6 adults and DS going (My in-law’s 40th Anniversary and they’ve never been to WDW :ohmy: ) so what’s 1 more adult meal plan? We’re going to use the deluxe plan if they offer it next year and it seems to me that any way you slice it Disney makes out in the end.


I totally agree with you.

DW and I were looking at our next trip and considering NOT doing the DP. For her and I, we could actually eat a bit cheaper than the DP. The savings is the kids. There’s no way to find a kid at WDW for under $10/day.


Man… that Cavey is a pretty smart guy sometimes. . .

I suspect this is exactly the reason. In addition, Disney deals with MILLIONS of people every year. Sometimes there just has to be standards. If you make an exception for one person for one thing, then you just have to keep on making them and things get messy and complicated. I have people with 9year olds every single day who say they should be allowed to get a kids plan because their child can never ever eat and adult entree and if their child is eating off the childs menu, then they should be able to purchase a kids DDP. Its a lose-lose.


We have a 7 year old as well - the DDP worked for us until the new childrens menu came out restricting the choices of food. It was an issue mostly because our DD has gi issues and the constant chicken fingers, pizza, etc just didnt work for us. What we have done to modify its effect on our family is to still purchase the DDP but eat all our table service meals at buffets. Although in the past we bypassed buffet style meals because we preferred a relaxing table service meal, we find it really works for DD because she is able to get sliced turkey, prime rib, or other offerings from the carving stations along with mashed potatoes etc. CP although 2 table service credits, offers children a nice sit down meal as well - as does Artist Pointe.



Heck… you can’t find a kid anywhere for under $10.


I can’t even feed my picky eater for under $10 a day. Now that he’s an adult according to WDW we are passing on the dining plan because there’s no way he’ll eat close to $40 a day. I actually don’t mind, it allows us more freedom when we don’t have the plan, we were eating meals we didn’t really need because we had paid for them.


We are doing the DDP in November and every meal is all you can eat, buffett or family style. I know alot of people don’t like to do this with the DDP but we have found it is the only way to make our entire party of 7 happy.


hmmm… that is odd. You’d think Disney would be perfectly happy charging you extra to get him on adult DDP. I suppose they might be extra-careful with DDP adult/children, since it is attached with your ticket and resort reservations. However, maybe if you were to buy him an adult ticket and book DDP separate from your resort (regular park ticket vs. Key to the World), you could get adult DDP. Yet, that is a lot of extra money.

Maybe DDP just isn’t right for your son… I’m 16, and I never have any trouble ordering off the children’s menu at Disney restaurants (backwards!). And I know kids have no trouble ordering off the adult menu. You could book DDP for the rest of your family and just pay for your son’s meals.


Unfortunately I asked about that too but was told by DVC MS that the DDP has to be ordered for everyone in the room/on the reservation.


I would go the buffet route . . . then just out of pocket on the CS, you won’t pay another 28 dollars on a CS meal from him, (Adults 38/day child $10/day) since you were willing to upgrade anyway, and then you’ll have the extra child meal to use as a snack! (My DDs are small eaters, so we share on adult and one child when we do CS, then use the other kids CS to get a snack when the night time munchies hit!) :laugh:


You are exactly right. We ran into this on our vacation last month. We have an 8 yr old who is easily the size of a 11 or 12 year old. Not only were the childrens menu almost always the same at every cs we went to, but he too walked away wanting something else to eat. Seems to me that with enough complaints, this could be easily remedied. I dont think that purchasing an adult lunch could be an option



I’ll echo what everyone else has said about booking mostly buffets. We have 3 kids, 2 who still have to order off of the kids’ menu and we eat at a lot of buffets so they are not so limited. My 9 1/2 year olds’ CS meals were pathetic too - I did a lot of sharing!


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