DDP and tipping


Hi all! When I went last week to MK I noticed on our dinner reciept that it stated DDP tip not included and gave what it would be for wither %18 or %20. Now… Was that because we were not on the DDP or is the tip not included any more for a party size of 3 or 4? I keep getting different answers from CM’s about this.


The tip is no longer included on the DDP for parties of any size. I’m hoping this means that the service will improve as we felt like the service was just average once they found out you were on DDP.


Unfortunately the tip is no longer included.


The tip was eliminated for 2008 from all dining plans. An automatic tip of 18% is added for parties of six or more and also for parties of any size when using the Disney Dining Experience membership card for 20% discount.
The guest is now fully on the hook for tipping out of his/her own pocket.


Thanks all!! Sometimes I think MBers should work for Disney because everyone here always knows the answers. When I called I was told several times it was included but I dont think they knew what they were talking about


Tip isn’t included anymore…was annoucned awhile ago.


If you are on the plan or NOT this is the new receipt . . . which I think makes it easy! It’s right there in black and white . . . so you can just add more if the service was really good!!


It would have been better to raise the price a little then to add appitizers and tipping.


We did that at 1900 Park fare. I think it stated tip should have been $8 or $10 and we just gave him the change out of whatever the bill was which I think the tip would have came to $15-or $18


I agree that it would have been a better plan. The whole attraction of the DDP for me was having all that taken care of in advance. Of course I liked saving the money as well ,but the real attraction was knowing that the meals were totally covered. I don’t even care about the appetitzers…it’s to much food anyway…the tip is what stinks.


did the DDP price go down when they changed the no app and no tip?


yeah…one whole dollar:dry:


ahhhhhh true Disney form :tongue: that is kind of stinky.


Still works out in our favor if you utilize it properly. I really just like having that paid for in advance and not having to deal with all that cash or traveler’s checks in a day. I like only having to carry spending money on me and not dealing with other expenses…the tip thing just complicates my budgeting, but it’ll work out. The lack of appetizer doens’t really bother me…a three course meal every day is just to much food for any person. I ended up not eating most of what I got most of the time…excluding momma melrose where I just can’t help myself at all…lol


It was simply sign and go. Thats a vacation.


or even if they would have given you a choice of appetizer or dessert. My DH is a diabetic, so we really don’t do the desserts anyways.


I agree totally! :smile:


Amen to that. I could just as easily put a CC on my room card and do it that way, but I just don’t like doing that. I prefer to pay for everything in cash and be done with it. I don’t want to be paying bills from a vacation after the fact. That’s when I am suppose to start saving for the next one.

I just factored in extra money to my daily amounts to make this tip not included thing work out. I always have money for mousekeeping and now just have extra for TS meals. I only do one a day most of the time, so it wasn’t that big of a deal. There is one day on my upcoming trip that I have two, but that isn’t that big of a deal either. One is being paid for out of pocket anyway…what’s adding in tip going to change? I have even considerd the deluxe plan, but when I looked at all the food involved I just can’t justify it. I would come back from WDW 15pounds heavier than when I left. No needs to eat that much…that is not a healthy appetite…that’s just eating WAY to much food and bordering on being glutton…bleh. I could see if you had teenage boys with you however…those suckers will eat you out of house and home and most could easily pick up the slack on the extra food.:laugh:


Yes. That would have been a much better choice for the DDP.
I, along with mostly everyone, think that 3 courses each, every day, is too much. I’m all for sharing an appetizer but then I usually don’t do dessert.

Yeah, all prepaid is such a nice easy vacation. Leave your hotel room and GO no worries with cash, currency exchange yadda yadda yadda.

Oh well, it still is a pretty good deal and quite convenient.


I believe you can pay in cash . . . say $500 . . . then you can “charge” up to that amount with your room key! They just subtract rather then add! :laugh: