DDP and tipping?


We will be going for 12 days 11 nights in september and have free dining . My sister in law who goes every year with the free dining says to only tip like 10 % in cash for buffets where they don’t really do alot for you but at sit down dinners tip 15 % …I know they suggest the 18 % and if you put your tip on the card for your room it is charged the 18 % . Any suggestions ? Does this sound right ? Also how do you tip for them getting your bags at the airport ? We never saw who got them last time ? I am not a big traveler so sorry if I seem like I should know these answers . How much do you leave for housekeeping ? I have heard about $4.00 a night and leave it with a note so there is no question that they can take it . Thanks …


Tipping can be a hot topic because we all have differing opinions on the correct amount. You can tip any amount on your room card and the server won’t change it to 18% and it doesn’t automatically happen so you’re safe there.

You do not have to tip ME for getting you bags to your room but you can if you want. The amount you tip depends on how many bags and how much you feel is fair. Many people tip a dollar a bag. We tip anyone who handles our bag, including the ME driver because he/she does handle our carry on bags. However, we aren’t normally in our room when ME/bell services delivers our bags so we don’t tip then.

We tip housekeeping three to five dollars a day depending on what type of bills I have and how we leave the room. I put the tip in the mousekeeping card left near the sink and they always take it.


The tip amounts at the bottom of the receipt are before tax and just suggested tipping . . . you can cross that out, and write what you want on the line below. Either way they will charge it to your room.

I do $2/bag at the airport and mousekeeping $5 for the small weekend trips (2 nights) or $3/day for our longer trips. 3 people/1 dollar a day. Most Mousekeepers appreciate it and will leave extra soaps and shampoo (and I LOVE Mickey soap and shampoo) :heart:


We usually leave around 10% - 15% or, depending on the sugessted, round that up to the nearest $ an leave that. Mousekeeping is usually $3 - $5 a day left in a personliased envelope on the table. Though if the cleaning slacks, we will leave less the next day. Baggage handlers, usually around $5 (we have 4 suitcases)


[QUOTE=mickeysgirlz;974339]The tip amounts at the bottom of the receipt are before tax and just suggested tipping . . . you can cross that out, and write what you want on the line below. Either way they will charge it to your room.

It also depends on the party size. On our next trip our innie’s are coming with so we’ll have 7 and according to Disney all parties of 6 or more, including buffets:angry:get the automatic 18%. I may try your suggestion on the buffets and cross out the auto tac-on for the “standard buffet” of 10% and see if it works. Don’t have a prob of automatic 18% on TS if worth it.

On bags…$1 per bag but not to exceed $5 since we’re usually a party of 5.

On mousekeeping I follow Disney’s logic on space. More space higher fee. At the value’s i’ll leave $3, the mod’s $4 and the deluxe $5. More space to clean=more money earned. Less=less.


What we did last time when we were a party of 6 is we did not put a credit card on file. We asked for no charging privileges. We then tipped in cash an amount of our choosing that we deemed appropriate.

The only downside to this is that we could not do express check-out. This time we are back to only 4 of us, so we will add the credit cards for check-out purposes, but we will still leave cash.


We usually tip 20% when we eat out as long as the service is good. If it is not, then we reduce it so that it is appropriate to the service we get. I can only recall one time that we got poor service from a grumpy waiter at DW and his tip reflected it. DH left a little note with the tip explaining why we left so little, not sure if it was the right thing to do, but he wanted the guy to know why. As for the bags, we tip 1 a bag no matter how many we have. If a bag is heavier, then we will usually tip 2-3 a bag.


I always have my bags with me and I always handle my own bags. If someone was to help me with a bag it depends. Probally $2-$3
For TS for just the 2 of us would be %20 if they are great.It really depends.
I have (2) 2credit table service coming up and was advised that the tip is already included. Its for HDR and CRT. Does any one know if this is true that its included?


Bags: I tip $1 per bag and there’s usually 5 bags, perhaps as many as 7 when we leave WDW. However, I tip the person who takes it out of the car and also the person who brings it to the room. When leaving, although I usually will actually pack the car, I again tip the person who came to the room and brought the bags out to the car (usually a one shot step).
When staying at mods or values, I take my own bags to the room.
Tipping at meals, I’m usually lazy and tip 20% on the total. If I use my TIW card and get the 20% discount, there is an automatically enforced 18% tip and I will or won’t increase it as I see fit. Buffets are different. I used to only tip about 10% on the after tax total, but it has been pointed out that some wait staff actually work as hard as if they were bringing you food as well as simply filling beverages and clearing the table. Again, with TIW and also parties of 6 or more, there is an enforced 18%. Left to my own devices at a WDW buffet, I’d probably go 15%. As for the “$2-$3 per person” rule, at $20 for breakfast, $3 would be about 15%, but if you’re talking about dinner, that $2 isn’t even 10%.
And that’s all I’m going to say. Tipping threads concerning buffet tipping can become very prickly very fast.


I have to agree with this. I’ve never understood tipping less at buffets, the server works just as hard clearing multiple plates throughout the meal. Yes, they skip one trip with bringing my food to the table but I know we always have more empty/dirty plates at a buffet than a non-buffet restaurant so they work just as hard but it’s clearing plates but bringing plates.


Actually at Chef Mickey’s and at Cape May at breakfast, as well as the old Breakfastosaurus, you can order custom omelets from the kitchen. In those cases, they are taking a full order and bringing it to the table, despite all your trips to the buffet. In those cases, it’s kind of hard not tipping at 15%-18%, or even 20%.


We’ve only been to breakfast at Cape May once, I had no idea they had made to order omelets. We have an ADR for Cape May, I may have to ask about an omelet.


Glad this thread started. Last July there were 9 of us and auto tip was already done, though fil usually added a few $$. We also unloaded our own vehicles and loaded them up so there was no one to tip for bags, etc. Normally we tip 20% or more for exceptional service when we are in our own town, etc. So At least I know I’m not too far off WDW tipping. lol


As you can see everyone tips differently. Use your best judgement, keep a whole bunch of singles in a separate place for all of those unexpected tips and you will be ok. Don’t ever apologise for asking a question. Now you will know how to tip. It’s better than not tipping at all.

My personal tipping:

Bags: $1 per bag …Even though we are usually a party of 3 they usually handle 5 bags b/c of our carry ons.

Restaurants: Buffets 15% Sit Down 20%. This does change if service is horrible but I never tip less than 10% at buffets (And I have to have been dehydrating to leave 10%) or 15% at Sit Down. That is just my personal way to tip.

Mousekeeping: Always $3.00 per day. I don’t know why that is just what we always have done. I always leave it on the pillows of the unmade bed and they always take it. That was something that my parents taught me back in the day!

Enjoy your trip!



I follow no rules.

I am Boss mouse after - all.

ok seriously? Things are always flexible. If someone lifts my bag from the floor to a cart? - $1.00. If they go through the tagging system or have to carry it to our rooms? $2 or $3.

Meals? 20% unless they really tick me off.

Rooms? depends on the number of family is on the trip averaging $5/bedroom. We are DVC members, so this is not per night.


I’ve never had anyone take my bags before. It’s always been just DH and I and we usually just carry our own so I can’t help with that. However, I feel like next time we go we might need some help :laugh:

As for as dining…I start out at 20% and deduct from there if necessary. I’ve been a server so I know how hard it can be. I know what is beyond the servers control (anything with food…I drink like a maniac so if my glass is empty…it’s cool…just fill it next time.) and I don’t deduct for that at all. On the other side I also know what a server is capable of doing even in a packed restaurant. I have high expectations but they are easily met if the server has a good attitude and doesn’t ignore me. This is for everywhere…sit downs and buffets.

As for Mousekeeping…call me crazy but unless we’re on a long trip I place the Do Not Disturb sign on my door. If we are there a week I might take it off day 3 or 4 for some fresh linens. We typically call for towels when we need them. I really just don’t like people in my room with all of my stuff. I’m kind of an insane neat freak so I make my bed everyday regardless. At the end of the trip I leave a few dollars for the clean up…but that’s it really. However, I know this is not normal! Most people love coming back to a fresh room. This is why I LOVVVE DVC stays!


Sometimes we will leave a little more than 18% accordiing on how the service is!


I agree that buffet workers often make MORE trips than a traditional sit-down. We always tip 20% or more for good service at both.

I think some people would be shocked to know that minimum wage for servers is something like $3.50 an hour (and many servers also have to “tip out” to other workers in the restaurant). I waitressed all through college and graduate school, so maybe that gives me a different perspective. I know it’s personal opinion as to what someone wants to tip, but 10% is rather low for decent service.


I usually tip minimal at the buffet unless a server goes out of the way for us. the dehydration issue is huge for me. I drink fast too and that is probably my biggest pet peeve. It’s ok not to fill the soda but at least leave me a water to sip off while I wait. If not, I will deduct for that unless it is crazy busy. I have gotten over not getting the correct meal. It happens literally almost EVERY time we go out-anywhere. It is kind of a joke after 9 years. My DH just laughs. So, I quit deducting for that. Just a surprise at every meal! It’s Murphy’s Law or something like that.

Up “north” most people I know double the tax on the bill and round up. But maybe we have lower taxes. I don’t know. Ends up being 12-18% depending on the city.

Mousekeeping gets minimum of $3/night and $1 extra/ pp if it is more than the three of us. We keep our room really clean so it is only wiping the sink/tub, emptying garbage and refreshing the supplies. I have DD get out envelopes and draw pictures with Mousekeeping on them and thank you notes so they know it is for them. It is so cool that she still does this at 12.5 yrs :slight_smile: She has great respect for mousekeeping but I think she is really trying to bribe them for towel animals!

My only question back to everyone about tipping is: does anyone know why in the world is it so much higher on the DCL? I think our regular resort mousekeeping/servers did a better job!