DDP Changes


Several months ago I read on several sights about changes to DDP such as instead of dessert you could substitute soup or a salad at a sit down meal or if you didn’t want dessert at a quick serve you could get an extra snack credit. But when I mentioned it to my travel agent she hadn’t heard anything and she called Disney and the rep didn’t know anything. Has anyone heard about any changes?


I have see those changes on other sites. We don’t get the dining plan so I haven’t paid a lot of attention but I know there are changes coming.


Yes, I’ve seen something mentioned that you can get so many snacks in replacement of a meal. Just skimmed over it, as we don’t do dining plan either (too much food for too much money for us). So, yes, there are some changes but just don’t recall the details. You may want to check out Disney’s food blog, as I would imagine they would have the info.


We always go during slow periods. This will be our 5th visit and have gotten free dining every time so it’s really worth it for us. Actually not really free. We stay at the Pop Century so we pay the upcharge to go from the quick serve only to the regular Disney Dining. But for around $200.00 for the both of us it’s great. I usually have snack credits left over as you get so much food at the meals so I bring some snacks home.


Haven’t bothered with the dining plan in years, basically around the time they started making you responsible for your own tip. Since then, it hasn’t been much of a value as it once was. Instead, as a Florida resident and a passholder, I’ve opted for Tables In Wonderland which gives you a flat 20% off your party of up to 10 people, including alcohol, and then builds in an automatic 18% tip. While TIW isn’t accepted everywhere, it is accepted at virtually all table service restaurants in WDW as well as several counter service locations in resorts that only have a food court.


I hope this is tru, there are many times that I’d switch out a dessert for something else.


Nothing about it on the 2015 DDP Brochure. Haven’t seen 2016 yet.


I’ve heard this too. I think it was discussed on a Disney podcast I listen to. They spoke of it as if it were already in place. Maybe it’s one of those ‘unwritten’ rules.


This could be a welcome change for us as we do not always like getting the deserts.


I think it’s just all of our wishful thinking. Wont happen, desserts are way cheaper than apps. But you know I will ask when I’m there…