DDP CS credits still being pooled?


i know that a while back the CS credits were still being pooled…so no diff. was made between adult & child credits when it came to CS, although there was no pooling of TS credits.

how does this work now??


I am not sure…I want to say yes, but really am not positive.:confused: sorry char…I’ll go see if I can find the answer.


i have read so many conflicting posts.

1 post i read said: that with 2A 1C on the DDP, one adult can go to the CS window and order 2 adult meals, and the other adult take the other card and order another adult meal and it will not be a problem.

my concern is CHH & Cosmic Ray’s…i might just have to take one for DD!! :C)
i can eat her kid’s meal and she can have my ribs & chicken, or fried fish basket. it’s no biggie…just wondering what our options are…


I’m not sure how it works . . . but regardless it’s a lot of food! :happy:

We’d get the Adult meal and the kids meal and just “pool” the food and we’d all get a little taste of something . . . not sure this answers the questions . . . just an idea! :blush:


When we used the dining plan last summer the counter service credits were pooled but you’re right, you can’t order more than what’s on your card. We have 2A1C so that’s what we had to order. I think switching meals with your DD is a good idea, everyone is happy that way.


last time we were at Cosmic rays’ we ordered 2 combos and we were stuffed between the 3 of us. and DD is a “meat eater”!! she loves ribs and bbq chicken. so maybe just going with that in mind, we might be using her CS credit for a late night sandwich for DH or something.

it seems like most everyone finds the DDP easy to use. making the most out of the TS credits, with buffets and character meals is making the planning so much fun!! :C)

not worried about selection on the TS’s for DD…and between sharing adult CS meals and snacks…i think we will all be plenty full! :C)


Yes we used it for the first time when we went in July . . . we were happy because we were able to go to all these restaurants (to try them) we normally wouldn’t have . . . but by weeks end it was like UGH no more food!! :blow:

Last day we cashed out the snacks with bottled water for the trip home!!

It is easy to use . . . after each meal they give you a receipt and on the bottom it has what your used and what you have left . . . like everything else Disney, just takes a little planning!! :happy:


Thanks to DT…I knew she would know. I wasn’t positive…I haven’t had a “child” in many trips now…lol


Now I know why this didn’t make sense to me . . . duh . . . I’m a single Mom so BOTH the kids points were on my card . . . now I get it!!! :blush:


My DH and I had all the credits on each card. Either one of us could use credits from the card but niether one of us could order more than what was listed on the card.


I guess I still don’t understand the question then? I have to go back and reread it . . . sorry! :blush:


So to understand . . . this way would use 3 Adult CS meals and NO kids . . . right?


From what we have been told, there is no longer pooling of any meals on the basic DDP. This is different however if you are Deluxe, Premium, or on the Wine Plan.


yes mickeysgirlz, that is what i guess that poster was saying…this is what i understood …if they are pooled there really is no designation…you just have X number of CS meals…so you would be using 3 out of X.

so in our particular case: at Cosmic Ray’s we will order only 2 adult meals for lunch. not using the CS credit for DD. we can use it later for another CS meal, and since there is no designation between adult and child CS meals, only a tally of how many total CS credits in a single pool, he could use it in the resort foodcourt for a late night sandwich.

at last this is how i understand it. maybe i am way off…please correct me if i am.

also, my concern about CHH…well, DH settled that…he said we should just skip it…and do Pecos Bill’s 2 times. we all like the burgers, (i love the chicken wrap) and it’s great to grab a later lunch and stake out a spot for the afternoon parade or get in on Woody’s Round-up.!! :C) you can’t argue with that! so that’s, that! LOL


When we were there in Jan. the CS meals were still pooled. TS receipts separated remaining adult and kids TS meals. CS receipts just told a total number of CS meals remaining. My kids always want the kids meals, so I never tried ordering any differently.


so to clarify…my new, rephased question: :C)

the CS we don’t use for DD… can my DH use it to order a sandwich from the foodcourt, not a kids meal??


Yes, that’s how it was when we used the dining plan last summer. The CS credits were lumped together and there wasn’t a difference between the child and adult credits–they were just credits. The catch is you can’t order more adult meals than your card states. We had 2A1C so that’s what we had to order when we order together. I guess you could get by this by putting two adults in line and both could order up to 2 adult meals and no child meal.


okay, that is what i read from other threads, but wasn’t sure it was still done that way.

i see that that would be a possible way to go about making MORE out of the DDP than anyone would ever need!! :laugh:

i wouldn’t need, want or feel right about doing that…that’s just me, it would be a huge waste of food for us too!

but i was hoping that if we did have CS credits left over that DH could use them to get an adult sandwich for a late night snack.

so it’s good to know that they are lumped together and it will work out fine if he wants to use the left over credit that way.

thanks for the info! :happy:

~ also slightly off topic, but i don’t think it deserves a whole thread…how many CS credits does a large pizza “cost”. (carry-out)


I’ve never tried it but I don’t think you can use CS credits, I’m thinking you have to pay cash for it.


well, their pizza isn’t the best, but it’s good to know we will be paying OOP for it if we end up deciding to get one.