DDP for child Quick service meals ? Any?


I have gotten alot of different answers to this question so I am going to ask it here . We are going to WDW for 11 days and are on the DDP . We have a daughter who is 4 …if we get quick service meals do we have to get off the kids menu for her ? I have heard the meals are just grouped into Quick Service …Snack…and Sit down not by adult and kids . I know when we do sit down it will be form the kids but what about the Quick ? Has anyone been lately to know ? There have been some changes I know this year compared to last year …more food options for the snacks . I am so excited to go . Just booked our air fare …not to bad a price but still checking the net to try to get a better price the closer it gets . We will in Disney late August - Septembe 7th and I can’t wait !!! Have only been one other time and I can’t believe how much we missed …lol…this is a great site and I have gotten lots of useful info here . Thanks for all those who respond !!


I’m not sure if this helps you but i saw this thread earlier today and thought maybe it would help you out. If it doesn’t I’m sorry but i was thinking about you when I read it. Hopefully it helps you and good luck. Here’s the thread:



Welcome to Mousebuzz! Children 3-9 must order off a children’s menu when there is one. Your room keys will have a code like 2A3C so the CMs will know you can’t order 4 adult meals at once since you only have 2 adults in your party.

This may help you in your planning:


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