DDP No appetizer?


This is my first use of the DDP. We got the one with 1 QS, 1 TS & 1 S.

I noticed that appetizers are available for 3-9 y/o’s only? I’m guessing I know the answer to this already but can you sub a dessert for appetizer? I didn’t read on the DDP.pdf anything about ‘no subs’. And on the list of items [I][U]not[/U][/I] included on the plan, appetizers are not mentioned.

Is the reason for the exclusion because Disney expects people to be too full to order a dessert, but chances are they [I]will[/I] eat an appetizer? Or can I get one?


In our experience, you cannot sub a dessert for an app. It’s not allowed. In the past the DDP included tip, app, non alcoholic drink, meal, dessert, unless it is breakfast. In the past few years they removed gratuity and the app. IMO, it’s unnecessary to have the app. You are way too full to do app, meal, dessert depending on the meal picked. I know many prefer this option, but (according to fil, mil, and dh who have all had the old ddp in the past) it’s too much food and you end up making choices on what will stay good while you walk around the park, or what will fit in your backpack. They hated being limited, though they would liked to have seen gratuity stay in place.

I think, Disney is trying to save money (and make it too!) by eliminating the gratuity and app portions. They can hike the price, yet you still feel (and in some cases are) getting a good deal. Not everyone knows about the ‘old’ ddp and therefore will always think they are getting a deal.

I myself, just got back from WDW about 6 hours ago, and used my CS ddp to it’s fullest extent possible. There were a few times the meals added up to well over $40 at a single sitting. Snacks were just the icing on the cake.

For my family we like the meal plan, it eliminates the need for extra cash, etc. Plus we always averaged about a $10-$40 savings per day depending on the meal plan picked.


It was dispointing but if you got the deluxe meal plan you got apps and desert.


What was disappointing?


I loved it when the DDP included an appetizer and the gratuity! I prefer appetizers to dessert and I wish they allowed substitutions. I never need a dessert, plus you can always grab something sweet in the parks later, but some of the apps (cheddar cheese soup for instance, unless during food and wine) are not available so easily! The gratuity was also such a huge savings! Oh well!


Price wise a dessert is cheaper on the WDW bottom line than an app. Soooo guess which got cut.


Plus, most people probably don’t eat a dessert after a big meal. You order the expensive appetizer, then you order the expensive entree and don’t finish because you’re full. So they don’t pay for the app and you don’t use the free dessert. Win win for Disney.


nope you cant substitue you can only get the appetizer if you up grade to the delux plan


So true. :laugh:


I too am sad that they made that change. I remember the good old days (okay, so it wasnt that long ago). I always loved to see the receipt after those meals!


For us the Tables in wonderland is the best way to go,no kids,our stays are long and its buy in lasts 13 months…so we will use it 3 times this year for a total 36 days…and the discount includes alcohol


Haven’t been back since they dropped the appetizer and gratuity. If I wanted to add an appetizer anyways is it easy to do? How does paying for the gratuity work?

I assume you can just charge it to your resort’s room or use your Disney Visa Rewards.

I sure liked the old DP when I didn’t have to worry about money for dining.


Why dont you just order the app that you want and split your dessert with your kid? Wouldnt that work out?? Or give up your own snack option for that day and let him use it right after dinner!


We (me and my DD -17) only do Quick Service so we never get an appetizer and we have never complained about getting cheated on the expense and we have never been cheated on the food. Our meals do come with dessert, but most of the time we don’t eat it. It’s just too much food. We are never hungry and we never have to worry about gratuities either.


Interesting–if they keep going this direction, they’ll have to name it the Disney Entree Plan.


Mentioned in another thread, looks like dessert may not be a part of the Regular Dining Plan for next year. Soon a moot issue?


we usually just order the appy and pay for it.some places like narooses and le celiers we always have the appy . , I dont eat desert at every meal. but have taken them back to the room for later at night.


Without the dessert, why bother. At that point, there would be no savings.