DDP question


I’m calculating if it would be better to get the DDP (next year) or pay OOP for everything. I’m figuring the places we will most likely eat at, and getting an average price (with tax and tip), comparing it to the DDP cost per day (+ tip). my question is…

if we check in on may 30th, check out on june 8th - how many meal credits do we get? does it start on the 30th, and do we get them on the 8th too? i am thinking it’s the 30th, 31st, 1st-7th. the 8th isn’t a counted day, as that’s when we check out (of course, we’d most likely have counter left, as we did last time).

am i right? if so, i’d have to add meals to my planning (bummer, i know) and/or consider a 2TS meal, to get an accurate comparison.

early planning, i know…but i need something to work on/look forward to!!


Yep, you’re right. You get one of everything per night that you stay, not per day.

Have fun planning! :happy:


They way they figure you use the plan is dinner on the first day and your snack and counter service on the last day or possibly counter and table the first day and snack the last. If you book 7 nights in a hotel, you’ll get 7 snacks, 7 counter, and 7 table credits per person. If there are 4 of you, this adds up to 28, 28, and 28 credits.
While you can buy tickets for any amount of time, one day to 10 days, the meal plan is only available for each night your are actually a guest of a Disney hotel, although your credits don’t expire until midnight of the day you check out. Which means you can check out of your hotel by 11 AM and still have the entire day to use whatever credits you’ve got left.


The flexibility of the DDP was a nice feature for us. We had planned to go to a TS the night we arrived for our trip, but were so tired, we ended up moving our ADR to another night and just using a CS credit at the resort’s cafeteria.

Prezcatz Paul


ook, that’s what i was thinking…thanks guys!!

still working out if it’s better for us to buy the DDP or to just pay OOP. lots to weigh in on it (staying onsite vs timeshare, drive vs fly), but i’m having fun pre-planning!!


Don’t forget to look into the DDE, if you are buying annual passes. You can save 20% at just about every restaurant on property!


i wish annual passes was an option…but i doubt it. with DH’s job woes ,who knows when we’ll get to go. doubt it’s twice in one year though. thanks for the tip, though!! aprreciate it!!