DDP Questions


This will be our first time using the DDP, and although I have done extensive research and planned well for usage, I still have a couple unanswered questions.

  1. I know you aren’t “supposed” to share meals…and it would be impossible to do so at TS, but can I get away with me walking up and buying 1 CS and then taking back to a table and sharing with DW? Or doing the same with the kids? We’d like to be able and do this and eat throughout the day as opposed to one “big” CS using 4 CS credits.

  2. Same kind of thing…since DS9 is under child’s prices, does his credits show up differently on our DDP tally and distinguish as a child’s CS as opposed to just a CS along with ours? For instance if I were to walk up to a CS and buy something for him that isn’t on the child’s menu…then take back to the table for him, can I do that?

I know it is trying to be sneeky in a way, but just trying to work the system best we can to our plans.


We shared, we were encouraged to share when we went in 08. DD#3 was only 2, didn’t need a ticket or the DDP. They told us to feed her from our plates or order her a meal separately if she’s a big eater. We bought her a meal for some meals. It really depended on what we as adults were eating. When we bought her a meal, the over flow went to the other kids. We had the DDP w/ TS/CS and we only did 1 buffet, Crystal Palace. We asked that DD#3 be added and paid for the waiter said she’s so tiny, how much can she possibly eat? To give her something off our plates. She didn’t eat much (A chicken tender, some fries, a few grapes I think) and eventually fell asleep in her stroller while we were eating. Now this is NOT the norm, it’s NOT normally done. But, it was apparently up to the server? Fil was insisting, the waiter said no way, he could serve 10 kids her age before they ate a full plate of food.

My in laws frequently share meals for the CS places. The heat, abundance of water drinking, etc sometimes keeps you from wanting a full meal. I don’t think anyone has ever said they couldn’t. The end of the trip they use up remaining credits and have the food boxed and bring it home. :laugh:

As for the child meals, it will show up as a child credit not an adult. If you get your child an adult meal and use your KTTW card, it will use an adult credit, not a child’s.

Your receipt will have the remaining credits listed for what they are:

Ex: 4 Adult 4 Child 8 Snacks

If not, you can request a print out from the hotel front desk. They printed sheets out for us. Sometimes the system lagged and the credits didn’t come off fast enough.

This was how it was last yr.


BTW: We sampled from each others plates at Tutto Italia, Crystal Palace, and Sci Fi Dinner Theater. No one ever attacked us, no one yelled OMG NO!!! I can’t imagine sharing 1 plate would fly over very well though. 1 thing my in laws do is eat when they know they are heading back to the hotel and then have the left over boxed and eat it later if need be.


We’re getting the DDP too and all the rules make my head spin.

No. 1 - well, if you’re doing it - we’re doing it too.:laugh: It has nothing to do with trying to put something over on Disney. We’re not big eaters and don’t like to eat a lot all at once - so if we want to share a fish 'n chips from the window in the UK at noon, and then share a ham & cheese croissant from the French bakery at 2:00 p.m. - why should they care? We’re just using our credits creatively.

No. 2 - I’m not sure…


When we went in November ALL QS credits are lumped into one. They only seperate the two when it comes to TS. So anyone can essentially order an adults meal or kids meal. You can absolutely share! My parents do it all the time for QS. This stretches out their QS and gives them more meals. We don’t share because none of us can ever agree on what to order. LOL!


Thank You all for the input! I knew the TS would be unworkable…but we will for sure be sampling each others plates. Llama you read my mind…exactly what we plan on doing and ESPECIALLY in Epcot with all that great food there to try!!!

Our DS9 for the most part fits the kids meal category just fine, but I know he is going to get sick of the same thing over and over (except the dessert part)…so we’ll figure it out…heck maybe DS17 will switch a meal or two with him since he just feels like chicken nuggets or a burger sometimes!!!


We share CS all the time. The kids 8&5 don’t usually eat that much at one time for each to have a meal. I always started with one and if we needed another one, I’d go back up. Often times I ordered an adult entree and split it between them. Adult and child are all lumped in together, but I had one cast member who wouldn’t let me get 3 adult meals at once because the front of my card said 2 adults and 2 children in the party. I was forced to order a kids meal. From then on DH and I would go up separately. I would order 2 meals and he would order 1. That solved the issue.


I stand corrected, for some reason I thought it was at the bottom of the receipt w/ a Child: Adult: areas…hmmmm well heck. At least someone had the right answer. :happy:


DH and I always share our CS lunch as one CS meal is just too much for us.

At the end of our trip, we had several CS’ left over so we purchased sandwiches for the drive home and loaded up on snacks:blow: