DDP Snack Credits for Breakfast



As I know we’ll never use all of our snack credits for snacks, I was thinking about using a couple for breakfasts e.g. Using 2 snack credits to get Cereal and some fruit for example. Has anyone done this? Is it practical?

I’ve looked at the snack options thread http://www.mousebuzz.com/forum/wdw-restaurants/34624-dining-plan-confirmed-snack-options.html and I can see on there items that would be appropriate for breakfast - cereal, milk, smoothies, croissants, coffee, yogurt. But just wondered if doing this would be more hassle that it’s worth. Some days we will eat in the room but I thought it would be a nice change to eat breakfast in the resort or the parks on some of the days.

Any opinions? We aren’t really on a tight budget, so am happy to add a bit of cash to the breakfast if we want more than two items, but thought using snacks for breakfast seemed like an economical way to use up the credits.



This is what we use our snack credits on for the most part. It works very well for us. We get a pastry or something of the like and then pay OOP for a milk or juice. DH isn’t a big breakfast person but needs a little something. This is just enough to get us going for the day and then we do a CS for lunch and TS for dinner (as a general idea…somedays are different depending on our plan for the day).


My DD9 ALWAYS uses snack credits for breakfast. Bagel and Fruit! Then I give her my second drink I get with my breakfast CS. (You get one hot, one cold with an adult CS) Works every time!! OH and the big yummy cinnamon buns . . . deelish! :wub:


With an adult CS breakfast you can actually get 2 cold drinks. We’ve gotten 1 milk and 1 juice in the past or even 2 milks. :happy:


Good too know! Since I’m a coffee-a-holic . . . I need the HOT one! :laugh:


Thanks for the Tip.
I notice you’re going to WDW in a couple of days, have a great trip :happy:


Thanks for telling me about the two breakfast drinks! I never knew that…I <3 mousebuzz!!


Don’t forget, if you buy the mug you can refill it with coffee or hot chocolate and get a water to go!!:laugh:


I did not know this! Thanks so much. I need to file that away in my brain for the next time we’re in WDW.:happy:


I did not know you could put Coffee or Hot Chocolate in the Refillable Mug, I thought it was just for soft drinks so I’ve just dismissed as I’m not a fan of fizzy drinks.


Any of the drinks at the fountains can go in the refillable mug. Iced Tea, and I believe lemonade too. One can only drink so much soda!!:laugh:


How bulky are the refillable mugs, and do they stack? I’m asking because we like to have breakfast and then hop on the bus straight after without going back to the bedroom, which depending upon where they put us could be a bit of a walk. Also a hot chocolate after a day at the park sounds good too, but I don’t want to have to trek back to the room to get the mug, getting off the bus and going straight to the food court would be good. But to do this, we’d have to carry them round all day. Cheers. x


They’re about the size of a travel coffee mug…the taller, thinner ones. I know there are some pics in other threads. I’m sure someone can post for you. I don’t know about their stackability. I never bother getting them because I don’t want to carry them around either since we also don’t go back to our room. And, I’m a water drinker and that comes free from the faucet. :laugh:


I did manage to find a picture online, but couldn’t get an idea of how well they’d pack in a day bag. Does anyone else carry them round all day? Thanks


If carrying them around all day isn’t a problem then once in the parks you could ask some of the CS to give you ice in them (they can charge if they give it to you in one of their cups) then take it to the water fountain and fill for free. Not sure of the policy now but that’s worked for us before.


I think I’ll just have to make a judgement call on the first day about the mugs after seeing if they’ll fit in our day bag. I’ll take my travel kettle so could make Tea before we go for breakfast while getting ready or a hot drink after we get back from the parks.

Last time I was at WDW (5 years ago) I remember buying a bottle of Disarni on the first day and then just refilling it from the fountains throughout the trip. I didn’t ask anyone for ice, I just tipped the water away when it got warm and filled it up with fresh water. Presumably this is still fine to do. Maybe I’ll look into getting a slimline flask, then I could put hot or cold liquid in it and it will stay that way.

Anyway, getting back to the question - so using 1 or 2 snacks a day for breakfast is perfectly doable? and we won’t go hungry?


I guess this is a bit of a threadjack but do they allow you to bring a reusable water bottle of your own? I’m really picky. I don’t use plastic but I have to have lots of water since I’m breastfeeding which makes me SO thirsty. DD just takes all my fluids! I was just planning to put my stainless steel water bottle in the diaper bag and fill it from a water fountain when we got inside. I meant to ask this earlier actually! I’d hate for them to take my bottle!!


FWIW, we’ve found the DDP Snack Credit use will “vary” by location. Many locations we’ve found would use the cereal and milk as one snack credit, though again, it varies with who/where you ask.

As with all things Disney, ASK ASK ASK! More often than not, we’ve found cast members to be very accommodating. :mickey:


The mugs aren’t particularly bulky, and they don’t weigh much when empty. With us, it depends on what we are doing for the day. If I am carrying a backpack, then I don’t mind the mugs.

An aside to TaraRae, about water & breast feeding, I don’t know if your baby is affected by changes in the milk or not, but I would make sure I drank the same water at WDW that I do at home. I know my kids were extremely affected by what I ate or drank.


People do it all the time. I remeber when the DDP first came out you could use one credit for 12 donuts you know the ones that come in the box.