DDP ? - Sub Appetizer for Desert?


We are doing the DDP 1S/1Q/1T for the first time. We are not big dessert people but lloovvee appetizers. On the plan, are we able to substitute an appetizer in lieu of getting a dessert?


I’ve never heard of that option being provided. I’d be interested to hear if anyone has ever asked or tried it.


I’m pretty sure it isn’t allowed.


Nope not allowed. I am with you though. I wish we could sub apps for dessert. We are much more “appetizer” people than dessert people. Or at least we could get one of each.


yup - not allowed…i wish it was…


Nope, can’t be done, but I think that the concensus is that we all wish we had the option to do so!


AGREED…they should offer you appetizer OR dessert. I’d rather have an app and share a dessert with the rest of the table.


Ok then if we can’t sub, can we get some sort of credit or can we request a non perishable dessert so we can take it with us and eat it later??


Oh and that really, really stinks!!!


I know you can get the deluxe dining planning and the appetizer is offered that way!


Yes, you can ask for a muffin or fruit cup, or something like that to take with you…even some of the cakes and such are in go packages…use for late night snack, or breakfast!

does bite, doesnt it?


Definately not allowed. I tried it…not a big dessert fan either.


I too am almost 100% certain that the substitution is not allowed.
For the most part, desserts cost less than appetizers.


I think not only are desserts cheaper in general than appetizers, more desserts can be pre-made and stored than appetizers. It’s absolutely a cost and prep issue.


In 09/2008 we were able to sub chips for dessert at Sunshine Seasons.:wink:


Smoothies may also be taken out and count as a snack or non-alcoholic beverage in SOME places. However, the appetizers are usually great and well worth the few extra bucks!