De ja vu: the cave pirate of the spanish main!


I was in my room this morning studying (I’ve been learning how to speak Latin: that’s an awesome language!) and I hear this sound of someone digging with a shovel. I look out my window and see no one there but I hear the digging. De ja vu. Soon I start thinking about Pirates of the Carribean (the ride with the “piratey” smell) and how in the line there is a lit cave to the right. In the cave you can hear a pirate digging for treasure while singing the theme. But no matter how far you look in the cave you can’t see anyone. I just felt like writing about that.


pretty cool…by the way Darby O’Gill is one of my very favorite movies…very underrated.


Thanks. That’s awesome!!!


Did someone say “cave?” :biggrin:


(((( takes a deep breath in case there’s no air down there! )))


I’ve been on PoC. There’s plenty of air–just like in a cave.


Speaking of pirates, that also reminds me of the cast member you see in the window above when getting into the boat just before you launch. I just felt like writing about that.