Dead Mens Chest Chat


For those that want to chat about the movie here is the thread…

If you haven’t seen the movie don’t read further.

…just thought we all might want to talk about it eventually :mickey:


I have to say one of my favorite things in the new movie is the bayou added from the DL version of the ride. The houses and even the fire flies!

I also loved the un-dead monkey…“I need to shoot something! Where’s the monkey?!” , “Here’s an un-dead monkey.” :laugh:


Thank you for starting this thread Tigger b/c I do have some questions about the movie. I am doing some homework for my grad class right now but I will be back, mark my words.:wink:


Boy do I have questions about this movie!

Jack always tells the truth…so know I have a few things from Black Perl that need to be considered…and I fear that Mr Turner won’t make it thru PotC III.


I loved the movie and was soo excited to see a certain Captain “you know who” (for those who haven’t seen it yet) come back at the end. I’m so excited for the next one, there was such a “to be continued” feel to it, like “empire strikes back”. I was wondering, though, why Will and Elizabeth would want to go after Jack? I mean, if Will saw them being “cozy” wouldn’t he not care if Jack was gone? And was Elizabeth just feeling guilty for chaining him to the ship?? I’m soo confused by that. I hope it all gets cleared up in the next one…


Lets start with the loose ends:

  1. Where is Jack?
  2. What is going to happen to Davy Jones heart?
  3. Is Commodore Knottingham go to get his?
  4. Will Will get Ms Swan, or Jack?
  5. Is the Black Perl really lost?

Any additions?


Don’t worry about saying his name (Barbossa) there was a warning at the beginning of this thread for people NOT to read any further if they haven’t seen the movie. I am assuming everyone who will be reading this HAS seen it:happy:


Judging from the scene where he went into the mouth of the Kraken fighting I am assuming he is in the belly of the Kraken right now. If I had to guess, I would THINK the Kraken would eventually bring him to the deck of the Flying Dutchmen for Captain Sparrow to face Davy Jones in person.


OK, here is MY question. Why would Elizabeth do what she did to Captain Sparrow and let him and the ship perish THEN pledge allegience in the end of the movie to bring him back?!?!?! DH and I are confused about that. Also, if Will Turner was upset about supposedly seeing Elizabeth and Jack canoodling why would HE want to bring him back in the end of the movie too??!?!?!


Also, how in the WORLD did Barbossa come back if supposedly he was killed indefinately after the scene in the original movie?


All good questions Wish…how about this one;

If the curse has been lifted on the crew of the black perl why is the monkey still un-dead? And is Barbossa also still un-dead like the monkey?


I really think that jack and elizabeth will end up together. Mainly because Will never fights for her…


Thats so funny, that’s exactly what DH said.


What can I say brilliant minds think alike :laugh:

IMO I think Elizabeth is the central character of the trilogy and that will be more apparent in the third file…her journey of becoming a pirate if you will.

(kind of like how Star Wars is about Anakin/Darth Vaders journey from one extreme to another and back)


I was thinking that yeah, Barbossa must still be undead and that the appearance of the un-dead monkey in THIS movie was a hint of that?!?!:huh:


My question is what is Barbossa motivation to save Jack?


He probably wants revenge on him. I have no clue, it gets more confusing the more I think about it. haha.


Who doesn’t?

Every one has wanted to send him to davy jones locker at some point.


When DD and I went to see the movie Friday nte, I was totally blown away when Barbosa walked down the stairs at the end.

When we took the rest of the family to see it Saturday nite, I noticed something that I hadn’t seen (or it didn’t register): When Jack is visiting the witch in the swamp, the monkey is shown sitting at the foot of a bed obviously occupied by a man (judging from the boots, which is all you can see of whoever is reclining in the bed). The monkey appears to to looking up at the man… it was a quick shot, but that obviously was Barbosa, already in the cabin…


My wife pointed that out too. There are so many question left open with the middle movie…I guess another one is who is the witch? We now know where jacks compass came from…and what about all the stuff the Jack was lifting from the witch during that scene? When he slipped the chains they made a point of showing Jack making sure he still had those rings.