Deadliest Catch Fans...Sig Hansen


Will be at the Norway Pavillion 10-13 Jul, signing autographs etc. He will be joined by his brothers and merchadise to sale. :wink:


That’s fantastic… although Sig doesn’t quite strike me as “Disney.” :slight_smile:

Hrm… maybe I could talk my wife into flying down to see Edgar…



Kind of strange all together, dontcha think? I mean, what does the deadliest catch have to do with Disney, Norway or otherwise?


I’ve caught some stuff at WDW.


What - a ride?


… a cold once.
and a bus - a couple of buses


I don’t get it? I am lost. Why are they going to be there?


Seeeeee, another one who doesn’t get that. We need an explanation :closedeye



Am I too old, or too young to know what this is all about?? What is “deadliest catch”???


Well, the Hansens are Norwegian… um, in name. Yeah, the association is pretty darn weak.

The Deadliest Catch is a reality show on the Discovery Channel about Alaskan crab fisherman. No, really. I wish I could tell you why my wife and I are addicted to it, but I really don’t have a clue.



Thanks for trying to explain that.
My boys, including the old boy, are addicted to that show too. I have watched it on ocassion, but am not as nuts as the guys. I am addicted to enough other reality shows, lol.


ok…now it’s starting to ring a bell…
Sounds like an interesting show…

I was thinking it was an old rock group or something…air head alert!!


Is the Discovery Channel owned by Disney? Or even related? I understand the Norway relation, but… that’s um… an odd pairing.


Bruce, I agree. Can’t explain why but my son and I really enjoy the show! correlation or not, I’m kinda bummed :glare: that i won’t be there at that time; I think DS would get a kick out meeting him.


Ugh, my boys are always watching it and try to get me interested in it. They think because it’s so dangerous, it’s entertaining. :rolleyes: Must be a guy thing.
Like the stupid Jacka$$ show.


I personally think that would be really cool. I am sure that Sig is probably just going on vacation, and probably promoted himself to sign autographs while in Norway at Epcot.
Those Hansen boys are first generation Americans. Their parent’s are Norwegian. If you watch the show, there is at least one mention of this per episode. They are very proud of their heritage. Their father was a fisherman on the North Atlantic off the coast of Norway, and they are carrying on the family tradition, just on the other side of the globe.
I think it is awesome. I would love to meet Sig, and Edgar, too. My maiden name is Hansen. I would definitely stand in line for an autograph!!


I know the answer!!! Helly Hansen is one of the major (and expensive) brands in the Norway Pavillion… Sig and Edgar have a line of clothing now with Helly Hansen. Supposedly, their line is more affordable than normal Helly stuff.

We love watching Deadiest Catch, and have met the Hillstrand brothers at Charlotte Motor Speedway last month… last year we saw Sig and Phil Harris there as well. It’s one of the only shows we turn on the TV for.


leslieah pretty much has it correct. They are promoting the clothing along with a video game.

Discovery Channel actually is partially owned by NBC.

According to an article I read, Sig and the brothers are fluent in Norwegian, so the ties are not that tenious.


Thanks for clarifying that, leslieh!
We really enjoy the show, and it would be really cool to meet any of the guys.
I can see Phil Harris now, signing autographs with one hand, and a cigarette and a Red Bull in the other!:laugh: :eek:


I wonder if they have a cigarette location nearby? Heh.