Dealing w/ Disney Excitement


My trip isn’t even a month away yet, and already I’m driving my DH nuts. He asked me “Why does everything you do have to involve Disney?” and he told me that I wasn’t like this last year when we went. Well last year I was planning a wedding and packing up my things to move out, so of course disney wasn’t the first thing on my mind. Anyway, long story short, I’m already REALLy excited and I may go crazy before the day comes.

What do you all of you do when it seems like your trip won’t come fast enough?

P.S. I already watched the planning DVD today. I’m really not a Disney Freak, I swear. Maybe I’m in denial. :laugh:


Hello my name is Matt aka Laneysdad. This is my first trip to this thread and I too have a problem. I feel that together we can embark on this 12-step program and embrace what makes us unique and deviantly raise our glasses to toast ourselves and rejoice. In the same vain we may turn our noses up to those who will never appreciate what most of us deem heaven on earth.


Problem??? I don’t have a problem… :laugh: :mickey:


I drive everyone around me nuts. :mellow: :laugh: Seriously! I don’t have any solution for you.

When I have a Disney trip coming up (even when I don’t, even if I’m just WISHING I did!!) I drive people up the wall. I never stop talking about it or planning it aloud, and I have random freak-outs where I have to stop and do a Disney Dance!

I wish there was a cure. Not that I don’t love being excited, but…I’m sure my family would appreciate it if there was some way to tone me down just a little bit. :tongue:


I know I’m running out of things to plan for our trip. It’s crazy! I’ve read most of my guides, I’ve watched the DVD, bought some scrapbook stuff already, and looked at this site tons of times. Maybe I need to take up the “Disney Dance” so I can lose a little weight to look good for Mickey :laugh:


:laugh: Trust me, sometimes the Disney Dance is the BEST way to get rid of some of that excess energy! You can only plan so much (right? LOL) and once you run out of things, the energy just starts to build until you feel like you’re going to go crazy! :wacko:

You can do the Disney Dance anywhere. In public is quite fun because you get weird stares and then you laugh and relieve even MORE energy! :tongue: (It doesn’t matter how you do it…I just stop and start wiggling my arms and shaking my hips and dancing around in circles!!)


Yes you are! And so are all of us, theres nothing wrong with that! :laugh:

I deal with my excitement by driving everyone around me batty! Yesterday my honey and I ran to the grocery store and I took a Disney Dining brochure with me. He wants to know why I am taking it and I explain so I can look at pictures of where we are eating. He then thinks I’m completly nuts (I’ve eaten at all these places how many times?) and just gives me a strange look. Thats okay, I’m excited, he can deal with it!

And everyone at DC helps too, no one here gives me strange looks when I express my excitement (well looks that I can see anyways)!! :happy:


Have you memorized every minute of every day of your itinerary? Here’s a quick test…you have 10 seconds to answer…What will you be doing at 5pm on the third day of your trip?


My name is PrincessPooh, and I’m and addict too! :crying: Twelve steps may not even be enough for me. :crying: My trip is almost 187 days away and I’m already driving my husband berzerk that I can make my ADR’s at 180! He tells me it’s pathetic…I tell him…well, I can’t really say that here now… :huh:

Ok, so who’s going to start up the meetings?


I think we should have our first meeting this Friday. We’ll meet at the entrance of Magic Kingdom.


I drove everyone nuts planning the trip that never was.
When I went this time I had one days notice.
I didnt forget anything and it was an awesome trip.
Next time I think i’ll just forget i’m going until a couple days before.


It’s tough! I just try to keep myself busy until a couple of days before the trip. Then you can start packing! Unless you are Dana, who would probably scold you for not packing already!


Aw, go ahead and admit it! You are among friends here… :tongue:

I say don’t fight it! Go with it! Wallow in it! Revel in it! Open the car window and scream it out while youare driving down the highway! Climb up on your roof and let the neighbors know! It is par tof the fun!!!


What??? A cure! Heck, I book trips a year in advance so I can doo the Disney Dance and have random freak outs all year long!!! :wink:


What??? A cure! Heck, I book trips 12 months in advance so I can do the Disney Dance and have random freak outs all year long!!! :wink:


My husband says the same thing… I guess MOST (MOST NOT ALL) husbands feel the same.


My name is Vince and I’m leaving in 5 days.

Have I mentioned that today?


I am losing sleep/ getting excited about helping a friend of a friend plan a trip. I don’t even know this person and I am thrilled that they are going. I may have to stowaway in their trunk, but I don’t have a problem either- ha. Don’t tell my husband.
He says that I know more about Disney than anyone else that he knows- thanks everyone for your support and knowledge! ( I still have to act like I don’t know so that he will still be willing to go).


Boss you are the exception in my opinion… a DH that actually is excited about WDW


Good luck with that! :laugh:

I love and dream about Disney every day too!