Deals expected for December?


I was just wondering if there are any rumors about deals coming out for December this year. I was about to rent points but I hate to miss a free dining or some other great offer! So has anyone heard of anything that might be coming?


nope not yet I am in the same boat you are I am waiting to hear about possible discounts for the last of October. All I know is you can go to mousesavers and check out the historical discounts from the years past to get some type if Idea as to what might get offered.


We had a bounceback offer in our room, that included December. 30% off. But other than that, I haven’t heard anything yet.


I hope to see something also. I would be happy with anything. free dining, free room, free park hopper, $500 gift certificate, free water park, free golf, free fishing, free day at Petty Driving, free horse ride, free fast pass for the week, free fast pass for a day, free snack, free animal towel, free water, free pen anything anything at all hahahaha


I’m sure as it gets closer, Disney will offer discounts to AP holders and Florida residents for the week after Thanksgiving through December 18.
However, don’t expect any discounts from Dec. 19 through Dec. 31 and do expect discounts to be offered starting Jan. 1.