Death Match: Animal Kingdom Lodge vs. Wilderness Lodge


Back to the two way grudge matches! Which one would you rather stay at?

More informaiton about the DC Death Match here:


O.k everyone please keep in mind I’m only going off reviews and pictures on the net… so I think I will vote for WL.


Wow, that’s a tough one. I voted AKL, where else can you have the opportunity to stay so close to animals like that, especially if you can’t afford to go to Africa. Besides viewing the animals all of the CMs there are SO knowledgeable and have so much to offer. The restaurants are fabulous and the atmosphere can’t be beat. I love how around every turn it’s like a new museum gallery of artifacts and archives. The rooms are uniquely decorated and so warm and relaxing. I also love that there is a spa on-site and I LOVE the natural bottom, beach entry pool. Oh, I also love that the gift shop features SO many items from African artisans.


The animals sway it for me. I’d have to go with Animal Kingdom Lodge.


We, too, wuv the animules. :wub:


This is a real good matchup!!

Now, I’ve stayed at both. I am going with the AKL.
It’s an amazing resort that really got us started on the magic of Disney.


I just love WL, so thats how I have to vote :slight_smile:


I cant decide!!



Hard choice. They are both beautiful resorts with special charm of their own. I went with AKL because of the animals and theme. More for the animals…can’t help it…love animals.


This one is easy, WL all the way.


Wait…you mean there are other resorts besides the WL??? LOL!!! That’s my HOME!!


This is the easiest death match so far, WL in a landslide.


I voted for Wl cause I just spent 8 wonderful nights there !!!


I voted for AKL only because the thought of staying so close to the animals sounds wonderful! But, honestly I have never been to either, so my vote could change someday!


Wilderness Lodge is AWESOME, and it was a VERY close race, but I voted for AKL. I fell in love with it my first time there… Everywhere you look it’s practically a work of art. I loved every square inch…


I’d have to go WL all the way. AK is cool too, but I have only visited, never stayed there. May have to re-vote in June!


Never stayed at either, but judging from pictures - WL


We wuv the giraffey-waffies! :wub:

okay, that was just too nauseatingly cute


Haven’t stayed at either, but I’ve visited both multiple times. AKL wins hands down, I would do just about anything to stay there! :wub:



I don’t like this one at all!!! I love both of these but when all was said and done my dear family picked Wilderness!