Death Match: Beach Club Villas vs Boardwalk Villas


The Death Match continues. Which one would you rather stay at?

More informaiton about the DC Death Match here:


I have never been to either, but the swim/play area at the BC would just be too much for me to pass. So BCV is what I voted :slight_smile:


I’ve never stayed at BWV–just at the Inn–but I’m choosing BCV. Stormalong Bay, Beaches and Cream, and Cape May cinch the deal for me.


I like the look of BWV but I have not see BCV in person. So, I voted for BWV.


Beach Club Villas! I’ve never stayed at BWV but we’ve stayed at Beach Club Villas twice and loved it.


Beach Club Villas. Staying in a 2 bedroom suite there is one of my dreams!


I’ve never stayed at either, but I’ve always loved the Boardwalk and have ALWAYS wanted to stay there…


I love the BC, never stayed at any villas, BCV would have to be at least as good as BC, right?


Beach Club has a wonderful pool!


Since we’ve now stayed at both, I chose BCV.
For the pool, and a few other convienences it has over the BWV.


I havn’t stayed at either, but I chose BCV. The Boardwalk has a clown in the pool area, and I hate clowns, so Beach Club all the way!


Beach club definately. The clown pool freaks me out at the boarwalk… :eek:


I’m with you there Dana!! :smile:


This is a very tough one but I gave the edge to Beach Club


I’m always on the losing side in these things. :crying:

I voted for BWV because the last time we were at BCV the room looked a bit shabby. I like the decor better at BW. As for the Clown - I’ll just close my eyes. (oooooo - Dana - I think it’s the clown from It! - oooooo :eek: )