Death Match: Boardwalk Villas vs. Villas at Wilderness Lodge


Back to the two way grudge matches! Which one would you rather stay at?

More informaiton about the DC Death Match here:


Both are beautiful resorts but I have to go with my favorite resort WL.


Boardwalk all the way!!


That is really hard. I voted Boardwalk as I would love to stay there once. After that I would be it would overall be too fancy for me and I would choose the WL. I love the WL decor and it is more my style.


I love the BWV!! No question for me! :heart:


I haven’t been to either but from what I’ve seen its BWV!


VWL hands down. The rooms seem so much nicer inside. I’m sure the BWV will win this match, because most of the voters have stayed at neither, and really only vote on looks, not on actual experience.


Based on pictures, not experience, I went with the villas at WL. I know the boardwalk is a favorite here, but the WL theme appeals to me more than the freaky clown slide…lol


Easiest choice of the day… WL.



I’ve seen both, my choice is WL.






I have never stayed @ the villas for either resort , but I chose Boardwalk !


Wow! This is a close one, both are great resorts.


Wow, very close so far!


I’ve never stayed at either, but I like the look of BWV more.


Location, Location, Location: Boardwalk!



The location is awesome!


I loved both of these resorts. We stayed at WL just before Christmas and the decor was amazing. Of course being Christmas time what better place then a Lodge to stay at. We had thought this would be our favorite until we tried BWV. We just got back from a 5 night stay at BWV and we loved it. We stayed the first night in a preferred view room of the main pool. Then we changed to a standard view room for the rest of the stay. The view was actually very nice. We were on the corner on the 3rd floor and could see the front of the resort. But the deciding factor definitely has to be the location. MGM is right across the street and EPCOT is a short walk away.

Definitely BWV.


Up until November, I would have said BW, no question - but then we stayed at WLV - and I fell in love. So I voted for WLV.