Death Match: Polynesian vs. Wilderness Lodge


The Death Match continues. Which one would you rather stay at?

More informaiton about the DC Death Match here:


Polynesian for the theme, rooms etc. If you want to go with price, I would take WL hands down…lol


Polynesian in the first round. David v Goliath doesn’t come close in terms of a mismatch.

Just returned from the Poly. Everything about it makes me happy.

Can I get my ashes scattered there does anyone know?


I love both, but if I must choose, then I vote for The Poly.


Wilderness Lodge–no doubt!!


Lodge all the way baby!


No doubt, The Polynesian!!!




If your ash scatterer is discreet enough, I’d bet you could scatter your ashes anywhere you want. But if you’re going to do that, why not scatter a little bit of your ashes all over WDW? I bet you could even get away with leaving bits on your favorite attractions as well.


This statement makes me :blow:


Right now I’m leaning towards the Wilderness for architectural beauty and price. The Poly wins on location and better room service. It’s Wilderness by a nose. for now.


I said discreet, so nobody else knows. Shhh, it’s a secret. Me, I want my ashes scattered at the Cape, with some reserved for the Seven Mile Bridge.
Don’t blame me, he started this.


I’d have to say Wilderness Lodge.


I’ve never stayed at either one, but I’ve walked thru them both. For me, the Wilderness Lodge has much more appeal. The Polynesian looks like fun, but I still think I’d choose WL first. :pirate:


I love both but the Poly is the one I lean towards…can’t help it, I love the polynesian theme!


Voted for WL but I think both are darn nice. This is a hard choice!

Mickey, at the end of all this madness will we arrive a one final overall choice? Is this set up like March Madness?


The Poly, without a doubt!!! :pirate:


We have stayed at both the Poly and WL. DW says she really likes WL with its rustic look from out west in Yellowstone. I have to agree the atmosphere was great. What we didn’t like was catching a bus everywhere we went. The boat ride to the MK was ok, but when we think back on convenience and service, Poly has our vote. We truly enjoyed our stay at the Poly. We would have stayed there this coming June, but they were booked. Polynesian for us.
Hurry up June!!!


i love the polynesian resort because i love hawaii.:mickey:


i gotta admit, the Poly’s rooms are pretty cheap and sort of out-dated looking, but the Wilderness Lodge is just picturesque. However i love the Polynesian for it’s theme and it’s restaurant “Ohana’s” :pirate: