Death Match: Port Orleans French Quarter vs. Caribbean Beach


Which one would you rather stay at?

More informaiton about the DC Death Match here:


This was a tough one for me because I want to stay at both really bad…but, my Dh and I made up our minds that we want to try POFQ first because we have never heard a bad thing about POFQ and its about 50/50 on CBR. So my vote was for POFQ! :heart:


Have stayed at both, and liked both, but had to go with POFQ as that is where we stayed on our honeymoon. Just drop the FQ as it will always just be PO and the old DL. None of this POFQ and POR.


Definately POFQ - me don’t likey CBR :pinch: :ninja:


POFQ. It’s got a cool abbreviation.

No, seriously, I’ve never been to either one, but the pictures of the POFQ look way cooler :c)


I have never stayed at either, but have heard more good things about POFQ. :mickey:


i voted the caribbean beach because our family stayed there


French Quarter hands down. Love that resort!


Dana, we drove around when we went down there last weekend, and now my DH wants to stay there really bad. It looks very cool! :c)


CBR just brings thoughts of a beach, so that’s always good!


I LOVE POFQ - it is so charming! It is one of my very favorite resorts of all time!!!


CBR is much better. CBR was the first on site resort we stayed at and tends to be the one we lean towards. If I didn’t own DVC I would stay at CBR before a Delux resort.


I love the city of New Orleans, so I voted for Port Orleans… CBR is very nice though…


POFQ! Even though I can get to New Orleans in about 2 1/2 hours, so it’s a style I see often… it’s still nice to see it at Disney.


Caribbean for me, but P.O. F.Q. is the only moderate I haven’t stayed at.


I see were loosing for CBR but we just jove staying there


Without kids, POFQ and with CBR.


CB has beautiful grounds - but POFQ just has “everything”. It’s intimate, it’s charming, it’s got a great themed pool and the boat to DTD. If we didn’t have DVC I’d love to stay there again.


I am heading to the Beach…


:wub: :heart: We just love, love, love POFQ!!! :wub: :heart: :wub: