Deb Wills meets McDreamy


Deb is a lucky,lucky,lucky, did I mention lucky woman.

McDreamy Impressed by Frederick Woman - News-


Good for her, she seems like a very nice woman committed to an important cause.


Wow- that is neat. I hope she raises the money!!!


That’s great!


Bummer - I thought you meant me. She met me last Tuesday. McBossy.


Nice perk for Deb! MmmmmmmcDreamy!


FORGET “McDummy”…

Let’s HEAR it for our own DDoll Debbie!!!


[QUOTE=rlcarmichael;1024343]FORGET “McDummy”…

Let’s HEAR it for our own DDoll Debbie!!![/QUOTE]

Dude are you confusing DDoll w/ the editor of AllEars? Or just trying to score points?


Hahahaha!! Yeah, Boss is right (why is it I get uncomfortable saying those words?), Deb Wills is the owner of Allears. She really is an exceptional woman. She’s been raising money and awareness for breast cancer for several years now.

We really are two different people. We’ve been seen together and visually confirmed to be two separate entities. :wink: