Dec 26 Thru Jan 2 Trip Report - Whew!


[U]The Cast[/U]
Son - 8 yrs old
Son - 5 yrs old
Daughter - 18 months
My Mom - 77 yrs old

Day 1 - We arrived at All-Star Music at 6:00am on Dec. 26th. Upon arrival I had a feeling that the first day was going to be trying, and it was…First, I had told my Mom to get some rest on the 14 hour ride to WDW and she refused. So, upon arrival the kids and wife were rested and she was exhausted. Of course, at 6am the room wasn’t ready…but we had an ADR at Chef Mickey’s at 8am. So, we killed an hour checking luggage, brushing teeth, etc and then hopped on a bus to MK at 7am. We then took the TRAM to Contemperary and hung out looking at decorations for about 15 minutes and then went in Chef Mickey’s. Food was descent and the characters were great and the service was incredible. Our room still wasn’t ready after breakfast so we went to MK till about 11am and then finally went back to the hotel and around noon I finally asked if they had a room for us. They did and we got all checked in…cleaned up and ready to go. We then went to EPCOT, by now my Mom is wrecked she is so tired.
We rode “Nemo” and then went to our ADR for dinner at Coral Reef…Everything was good but nothin that just wowed us. We walked over to get our seats for CP, that I am sure was beautiful but I just dont know. Right at the start some older woman puked right in front of us…so my kids thought that was gross and after we finally calmed them down, the baby started crying. I got up and walked with her…only to have my Mom come tell me that she had to go back b/c she was done. So, we all left…and my CP Package basically got wasted. We got close to the gate and I told everyone to go on to the bus stop and I would turn in the stroller we rented. Everyone went except my Mom who tried to follow me, but I didnt know it and my wife was chasing kids. She got lost…I had my own Kim Possible hunt for my Mom…in the meantime we missed 2 busses. We had a nice discussion on her staying with the group and listening to us…and we prayed that things would get better. All in all Day 1 was a let down…it really had not sunk in with the kids that we were staying a week at WDW, my mom was shot, and we were getting frustrated at everything. Also…IT WAS COLD ON DAY1

Pic 1 - The kids taking a pic with Donald at Chef Mickey’s…I picked this one b/c this is how the baby acted toward all of them this morning. She loved them while far away but when they got close she freaked.
Pic 2 - kids under the tree on Main Street
Pic 3 - kids under the tree at EPCOT
Pic 4 - just a neat shot
Pic 5 - baby not freaking out and beginnine to warm up to the characters

WENT TO BED SAYING “We are at Disney…We are at Disney…We are Disney…Magic please take over.”


more day 1 pics


Beautiful family! Hope it turned out better. Sucks to be there when it’s cold and someone is really tired. Love your pictures!


I always tell myself that just because we’re in the happiest place on Earth doesn’t mean my boys magically start to get along (I wish that were the case). I have put my kids in time-out in every park and tell myself before we go that there WILL be trying times, but we are in Disney…It WILL get better. I found that by keeping my expectations realistic I don’t get disappointed as easily…Can’t wait to hear about the rest of the trip…Love the pictures


That lack of sleep is the absolute worst… nothing is harder than that! Hopefully you all had fun, though…


I had to remind myself that the boys didn’t know this was coming, so there was no pre-disney talk on behavior. So, the first day there was a lot of correction on how to behave.


oh no! I am sorry to hear that Day 1 was a semi-bust but those are some cute pics!! :smile:


Great pic of the boys at Chef Mickey’s. Hope to hear that day 2 was a complete 180 from day 1 !!! Those first day orientations are rough.
Can’t wait to hear more…


Day 2

Cold Again. I went to wake my 5 yr old up and he got up saying…“I don’t want to get up…All we do is eat and walk.” The day started out on familiar grounds at MK for a breakfast ADR at Crystal Palace. Breakfast went GREAT!!! Lunch was at The Plaza and supper at Liberty Tree, which my wife LOVES and it remains her favorite. We stayed at MK all day. The day went well but I could tell my mom was suffering the effects no rest and a lot of walking. We had GREAT seats for SpectroMagic right as the parade crosses the bridge into Frontier Land. For some reason we thought we had great seats for Wishes but trees blocked half of it…My Mom loved Spectro and thought Wishes was beautiful even though we just saw half of it. Also, the castle lit up was incredible.

After Wishes I took my Mom and baby back to the hotel where they went to sleep and I met up later with the wife and the boys for MK EMH. We stayed out at MK til 3am. Rode everything twice or more and really it was the point in this trip when the magic was beginning to take over. After taking over the park and the five yr old with a smile from ear to ear the “All we do is eat and walk” comment began to be our battlecry for fun.

Pic 1 - waiting to be seated at Crystal Palace
Pic 2 - playing with my wife’s camera (her Christmas present that I used more than her)
Pic 3 - Mickey’s Christmas Parade
Pic 4 - some Christmas show they did in front of the castle that we kept catching right at the end of it
Pic 5 - Christmas Parade - The Princess and the Frog


Even though Day one was not what you hoped for, your pics are great.


That totally sounds like something my 6 year old would say…I’m so glad that day two turned into a magical time


Glad to hear day 2 was better … You have just given me an idea for my family’s Mantra for t-shirts for the next trip … I shall call it the
“All We do is Eat and Walk …2010” Tour!!! :laugh:
all proceeds to you of course!!!:laugh:


Great pics. Sorry to hear a rough start. Trust me i knew wat you went through. I took my mommom 65ish and my mom both seperate times but each came twice and I WILL NEVER EVER DO IT AGAIN.
Cant wait to hear the rest.


More Day 2 Pics


AWESOME pic of the Castle with reflection!!!


a few more day 2 pics


Spectro is the best!


Love the pictures! How did you like the family suite?


Day 3

Day 3 started out at AK. We were wiped out due to MK EMH but we woke up and started our day anyway. We ate lunch at Yak and Yeti…the food was very interesting and my wife fell in love with the Mango Pie…I will say that our waiter was a a bit pompous. AK was packed and we got NOTHING done…we did ride Kali and got soaked. It was warmer but once we got wet we were done. Supper was at HS at Primetime and we did not have a fun waiter. He was extremely subdued to his whole section and it was frustrating hearing other sections having so much fun. W/O the banter Primetime is just an upscale Diner - I was wondering if I could request waiters next time. Upon leaving 3 hostesses stopped my wife and really made a big deal out of my baby girl…it made us feel special so it was a nice save…we spent alot of time taking in the Osborne Lights…AWESOME…FUN…and the snow was awesome touch. We watched Muppets 3D and got to Toy Story Ride. Day 3 was another good day with a few bumps but nothing major.


I am enjoying your TR so much, and your family is beautiful!