Dec 3 2006...a busy date!?!?!


So we booked our MVMCP trip for 12/3-12/9/06 a long time ago, and I’m seeing more and more people pop up about going that exact week!

I’ll be honest, I would love to see everyone from DC there, but we (me, DH, DD) are not one for crowds. We only do anything on off peak times, when crowds are at a minimim. I really am starting to second guess myself here! Does anyone think that may be a bad/busy time? Any suggestions for still seeing Christmas without such a huge crowd??


I’ve been to WDW the first week of December and the crowds were not bad at all. Didn’t seem to have long lines…maybe 20 min was our longest wait…hope it works out the same for you this year.


I’m with Peppertink - the time I went in the first week of December, crowds were really light.


We were there Dec. 10th- Dec. 18th 2005 and the crowds were very light until the 17th (a Saturday by the way)!

The only thing I have heard about that 1st week in Dec is the Pop Warner football leagues are usually there for a tournament and also some of the cheerleader competitions are that week too!


I’ve only been at night of the first week and it has never been bad at all. Last year I went on the 4th and I had virtually no waits.


I think a lot of folks from these message-board type sites go that week because it usually coincides with Mouse-Fest, so that might be why you’re seeing so many folks scheduled to go. It doesn’t end up being crowded, because overall it’s still a very light crowd time.

We were there last year, Dec.9-12, and found the crowds quite light. We’re going this year Nov.30-Dec.5 and expect the same.


Sorry to be ruining your idea. :flowers: :laugh:


We have been twice during the 1st week of Dec. Light crowds

#9 rates that date as a 5 out of ten (6 is the high for that week and four is the lowest). They do not have any dates throughout the year that is less than four. Enjoy! They base their estimate on hotel bookings and past attendance numbers. :dry:


Pooh, we will be there the same time this year (12/3-12/8). I have been this same time in 2003 and 2004 and the waits have been minimal. MVMCP in 2003 was practically EMPTY. Then I went TWICE in 2004 and both nights were CROWDED!!! But overall, you will be pleasantly surprised with the crowds. :cool:


The reason that weekend is filling quickly is it is traditionally the weekend the Christmas day parade is filmed. There are people who come for that weekend on the whim they will film it that weekend and they might be in it. The taping is a madhouse.