Dec. meet and greet?


Hi all,

I was just wondering if anyone was up for a meet in greet in December? We will be there 11/29-12/13. Would love to put some faces to my fellow DCers.

Let me know!! It can be a “hi, how are ya?”, very casual or a sit down get together. I’m game for about anything!!


Hope you get some Dcers to meet up with. You have a nice long trip to look forward to…I am SO jealous!


We’re not arriving until the 10th, which is kind of late in your trip, but maybe we could try something informal. I’m pretty sure there is atleast one or two other DC’ers that week!


I will be on the college program then so I will defientely be up for a meet and greet!!


I agree, something informal. Maybe meet at one of the hotels for drinks.


I’m in!!!


Yeah!!! The only nights we can’t is on 7th and 12th,those are MVMCP nights, and the 9th, that’s fantasmic. The other nights we can work around. We are staying at the Poly, maybe meet on the beach. Let me know. What works.


Still hoping to be there in Dec…not sure about Meet and Greet my parents might be a little “eeeeehhhh” about it. :sad: We shall see!


We will be there from the 1st to the 8th, let us know what is planned and we will try to be there!


Umm, this is going to be a little difficult for us…it’ll take some creative planning. We’ve already got ADR’s for HDD on 12/10 and also doing MVMCP and dinner at LTT on 12/12. Also, I had hoped to do the Fantasmic dinner pkg 12/11, as we really only do MGM one day when we’re there. Let me do some hard core creative planning!


Hey Princess, what time is your ADR for HDD?? Maybe before??


Chastmastr and I hope to be living about an hour from the Mouse by then. I think you can count us in.


Great, will any day do?