I am thinking of going to WDW during Dec. for about 10 days. I know the football and cheerleader championships are Dec. 5-11 and have heard the resorts get loud during this time. We want to stay at PC, will this resort be effected? Are the parks very crowded due to this event?


It was my understanding that most of the squads stay at the All Stars, but I am not sure if any of them will be booking at PC now that it is open during their competition time. You may want to consider a moderate which can be had for a reasonable amount during value season. I haven’t heard any reports of this upsetting the park attendance, but you may see many groups of young girls filled with “spirit”. the first weeks of December are low attendance anyhow, so this can’t throw to much a kink in the park attendance. I would definately consider a moderate or at least calling and asking if there will be cheering squads at the PC if quietness is important to you. You culd just ask for a very remote room too…kinda away from the action. :mickey:


I read somewhere that PC can’t have large groups right now, because they do not have a group check in area, whatever that is?


I also heard that PC doesn’t allow groups to stay there as of yet. As for park crowds…you should be fine!


Which days should I go any pros and cons. The time period is after Thanksgiving till before Christmas.


The closer you get to Christmas, the more crowded the parks will become. It will be very, very crowded the week leading up to Christmas and all the way through New Year’s. During this period it’s common for one or more of the parks to close at some point during the day because their parking lots are full.

Crowds are much smaller during the first couple of weeks of December, and you’ll still get to see all the Chrstmas decorations.


What about crowds at the park, do they get crowded with a bunch of teenagers, from this event?


You may see some of the kids in the parks, but it’s just a drop in the bucket of the sea of humanity. It won’t make any difference at all.