December 14-18/21?


Hey, quick question guys. I know early December is a slower time and that the closer you get to Christmas at WDW, the busier it gets. Well the soonest we could leave is the 14, and we could either stay a full week or til Tuesday, the 18th. I would be going with just my mom or both my parents, probably doing only MK and EPCOT since money doesn’t grow on trees and three parks is too much for my aging mom and pops.

And the seasoned veterans of Christmas at WDW gives a verdict of…? Try comparing this week to another season/holiday at WDW if you could, it helps the imagination. :wink: Thanks for the help.


I don’t mean to hijack or change the subject, but I just wanted to ask if you got your screen name from Mary Poppins? I was watching it last night, and in Bert’s song when he is drawing on the sidewalks, he says he’s a “screever”, and that a “screever’s an artist of highest degree”. I just thought it was cool and wanted to know if that’s where your name came from. Sorry. Hope someone answers soon about December. Never been there at that time myself.


We were at WDW last christmas from the 16th. The first few days (maybe the week, we were there for 3!) Was quiet but it started to get busy by about the 21st i think. The parks are great at that time of year but MK will shut early on party nights so make sure you plan for this.


Woo, thanks Missy. And yes, Snazzy, it is indeed from Mary Poppins! I am an artist of sorts as well, so it works out! :wink:


we were at wdw Dec 1-14 in 2003 and the crowds, or non- crowds were great. Thats why we will be back 6-18, a bit later this timedue to school doesnt finish till the 8th dec here.
We found the crowds were mostly overseas tourist, ie; english,& us, and that the parks really emptied out by 3pm most afternoons, as it starts to get a bit cold…or very cold some nights…bring a jacket & gloves, Epcot especially seemed the coldest.
Well we cant wait…155 days and counting
have a good one:happy:


Hey there Aussie K. Welcome to the MB boards. I hope you enjoy your trip in Dec.


Thanks Boss mouse
We are SO PUMPED and still have 155 days to go…
I had a choice of Italy or WDW this year, and the Mouse ALWAYS wins…
have a good one:laugh:


If I remember last year correctly, it started to get busy around the 17th. It still wasn’t too bad, just busier than the walk ons we were experiencing from the 11-17th. In my opinion, this is the best time to go. It is so beautifully decorated.


You’ll have no problem crowd-wise,but make sure to have cold-weather outfits with you.