December at disney


hi, going to disney 2nd or 3rd week in december. what should i expect the weather and the crowds to be like?


The weather can be anything from 90s to 40s. Should be sunny but not always.
Florida weather in December is all over the place as winter begins to move south.

Crowds in the second week shouldn’t be bad but they will begin to really ramp up around the 20. Your hint is when the Disney hotels go from value season to peak overnight.


in 2008 we were their the first week. Shorts and t-shirts during the day, jackets at night when it cooled down. Too cold to swim in my opinion at night, but my kids didn’t mind


Oh, my favorite time to go!!! The weather should be good for you. Might be chilly, but the cold doesn’t usually last very long. One time we were there in Dec. and it was up to 85 degrees our first couple of days, then down to upper 40’s by the time we left. Bought a lot of hot chocolate that trip!

Crowds aren’t too bad then. We LOVE going in December before Christmas. This past Dec. we were very brave and went for New Year’s Eve. Loved it! We had wonderful luck with buses and getting into the parks we wanted, though each day there were parks closed due to crowds. I did a lot of research before we went and it helped me in planning our park days, times, etc.

Have fun planning your trip!


Crowds, shouldnt be that bad…Weather could be anywhere. Our December trip was COLD…lows around freezing and highs in upper 40’s for most part…2 days did get up in 50’s


thanks so much for your replies!!! i am so excited!


We were there this past December the week before Christmas and the weather was perfect. We went to the pool one night after returning to the room. The air was slightly cool but the water was warm and the grandkids (1 & 3) had a blast. Just go prepared for any kind of weather.


the weather will be the biggest factor… its a hit or miss… one December we actually made it to the Water Park:laugh:… the other year, the low’s dipped into the 20’s:pinch:…
Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party | Walt Disney World Resort
but it is my favorite time of the year to go… Everything about the holiday season is magical…:wub::wub::wub:


crowds should not be too bad especially the 2nd week.


marvelous time of year to visit.
We like to go the week after Thanksgiving. Crowds aren’t to bad, although WDW is never empty. But the Christmas decorations are up everywhere.
We spent one full day just “hotel hopping” seeing the resorts and decorations.
You have the VMCP @ MK, Candlelight Processional @ Epcot, the Osborne lights @ DHS, just to mention a few.
As for the weather, who knows. Like everyone says, it’s really hit or miss and you may do both during the same trip. As they say, been there done that. Just prepare for it. I’m amazed at people who are in shorts when it’s 45 out. AND you hear them saying, “but it’s Florida, I don’t understand it!!!”
Definitely check out a weather site on line or on TV before you go. It should help.


By the way, even Floridians can get spoofed by the weather.
In October 2000, the temps in Orlando dipped unexpectedly into the high 50’s and I didn’t have a jacket or sweatshirt. In October 2005, the cold front on the tail of Wilma dropped temps from the 80s to the high 40’s and let me tell you, it’s amazing how many people had to buy heavy jackets in the Main Street Emporium (me one of them).
And the winter months in Florida of course are all over the place depending on how strong the cold fronts are coming down from Canada. This past winter was one of the coldest that I recall, period.
Then again, I also remember years where I went swimming in an unheated pool at midnight on New Year’s Eve.
So, think layers and try and plan your day so you can either carry the layers you’ve stripped off or so you can return briefly to your room to adjust your wardrobe. That’s just a suggestion. Or you could always grab a locker to stash your extras, though this does cost $5.

I just remembered another time weather caught me. In February 88, the band I was working with had an afternoon outdoor show in Miami and we were leaving right after for Tampa and a 3 day engagement. In Miami, it was beautiful, sunny, cloudless, and in the high 80s. Well boys and girls, there was a monster cold front moving in that we met up with somewhere around Fort Myers. So, here I am, lucky to have a pair of jeans with me, but I’m in shorts now as I drive, but without anything heavy or long sleeved to handle the 45 degree temps we just drove into along with the driving rain.
Well, I wound up having to buy two sweaters and a sweatshirt because I didn’t bother to check the weather ahead.